StrataBlue Offers Web Design in Indianapolis

How important is your company’s website? When you consider it’s the first contact you’ll make with most customers, it’s everything. StrataBlue specializes in Indianapolis web design to give clients a website that accurately reflects their business.

What Factors Impact Web Design in Indianapolis

Most businesses depend on the Internet to communicate with customers and sell products. If your website is designed poorly, visitors will quickly bounce away. Here are the most critical elements of good web design.

  • Page load time – This is possibly the most important aspect in driving traffic to your site. If your site takes more than three seconds to load, visitors will take their traffic somewhere else. Businesses see a 100 percent increase in bounce rates after four seconds and 150 percent increase in eight or more seconds.
  • Trust – Website design affects whether users trust your company; 94 percent of users say they don’t trust some websites because of their designs. Trustworthy sites include links to media, show the logos of clients they work with, and connect through social media.
  • Color scheme – Your site’s color scheme affects traffic. Sites with light color schemes saw 1.3 percent traffic growth. Dark color schemes led to a 2 percent growth. Green was the most popular color overall. Websites that incorporated greens saw a 3 percent increase in web traffic.
  • Layout – Choose professional web design in Indianapolis to get a page layout viewers prefer. Most people view pages in an F-shape; first, their eye travels from left to right across the top, then scans the middle, then follows the left edge down. Maximize impact by placing important information where customers will see it.

Caroline Symmes

Royal United Mortgage

Payless Liquors

Healthcare Claims Management

Express Medical Records

Arrange A Space

Renaissance Building Products

Liberty Elevator

Use Indianapolis Web Design to Showcase Your Brand

There’s more to web design than just speed and color schemes. Those features get users in the door. The next step is to form a connection that keeps them there. StrataBlue works with clients to identify what sets you apart. We design a website that tells your story and displays your values.

Optimize Indianapolis Web Design for Mobile Devices

The web analytics firm StatCounter found that people spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than they do on desktop computers. Mobile devices accounted for 51.3 percent of Internet use last year; desktop was only 48.7 percent. Make your website accessible no matter what kind of device your users use. We optimize your site for mobile, so it reaches the widest audience possible.

Connect Through Social Media in Indianapolis

Web design for Indianapolis social media is just as important as your company’s official webpage. Here are some of the benefits of connecting through social media:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Distribute information about your products, services, and sales
  • Boost search engine optimization by increasing third-party links to your site
  • Receive customer feedback for better understanding
  • Educate buyers about what your company has to offer
  • Connect with your target audience and deepen customer relationships

Want to Learn More? Let’s chat!


For Indianapolis web design, StrataBlue can take your website to the next level. Access more clients than ever before through Indianapolis social media. Contact us today to find out more.

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