Pay Per Click

Google Pay Per Click is the dominant force in the digital landscape that is constantly evolving.  Staying up to date with all of the updates can be a daunting task.  Here are some new ones for 2016:         

  • The ability for advertisers to reach more targeted audiences with universal app campaigns
  • More bidding and creative control for mobile ads
  • Ways to integrate data from multiple sources in order to understand the customer journey across devices, channels, and contexts

PPC has been around for some time now and we are constantly called upon, not only to implement new campaigns, but also to fix old ones that have been neglected.  Now more than ever, PPC is in need of tight controls and ever-evolving tactics to make sure you get the best results for your investment. The right STRATEGY is everything.


Measure, Analyze, and Perform are the perfect 3 words that are consistently needed to get the job done right.  Paid advertising is not a set it and forget it process.  Constant monitoring and modification allows us to ensure we are employing the highest impact, most cost-effective solutions at ALL times.  Is it better to spend a ton and win the main keyword, or is it better to spend less and get the second?  Ease your mind and let the team at StrataBlue figure that out.  Your job is to keep doing what you do best.


Business is about partnerships. StrataBlue is dedicated to creating lasting partnerships that cultivate growth personally and professionally. We strive to grow your business and in so doing we learn from one another. Generating business is our profession; Building leadership is our goal.

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