How to Master Facebook Ads

Since 2010, advertising on Facebook has grown more than


The reason for this growth, simply put, is that Facebook advertising works. It lets marketers target highly specific audiences, reach millions of active users, master mobile advertising, and seal more conversions. With the right knowledge and resources, Facebook Ads can be an extremely profitable form of digital marketing. StrataBlue can help you see real results from your campaign.

StrataBlue Makes Facebook Advertising Easy.

StrataBlue makes it possible for Indianapolis businesses to profit from Facebook Ads with smart, strategic marketing. StrataBlue helps you use Facebook Ads to its fullest potential, getting the best cost-to-value ratio. Our experts know how to make your ad campaign poignant and engaging with your target audience, leading to more clicks and conversions. We help you harness Facebook Ads’ power and get your message to the masses – ultimately generating revenue. We do this by working closely with your brand, creating tailored advertisements, and tracking your ad’s performance for consistent returns. Here’s how:


We use numerous tools to target the right group. Facebook Lead Generation, running your current customer list through our targeting software, and Job Title and Employer Targeting are just some of the many social demographics we have access to.


We create a unique message for your target niche. Our social marketing team can help you come up with content that strikes a chord with your audience. Your Facebook ad needs to grab attention and inspire clicks. Let our content strategists do the work for you.


We manage your Facebook ad continuously. Once we launch your ad, our work isn't finished. We measure your ad's success, analyze the data, and optimize its performance for long-term ROI. We verify that your ad is working correctly, targeting the right people, and generating leads. Over time, we'll continue to update your ad based on new developments.

Always On Target

With help from StrataBlue, you can make sure your ad is always as cost-effective as possible. We use advanced ad technology to keep track of your ad’s performance and send you reports of your accounts.

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Lead Generation Made Easy

Ease of Signup

Facebook made lead generation via social media easy. Facebook Lead Ads gives you a simple form your users can fill out to sign up or receive your special offer. Lead ads give you valuable information about your customers and allow you to follow up with them. Facebook Lead Ads autofills the person’s information into the form and enables users to interact with your brand without ever leaving Facebook. The incredible convenience of the tool boosts the odds of consumers submitting the form.

Step by Step Contact

StrataBlue helps you master Facebook Lead Ads, making the signup process as simple and effective as possible. We create your lead ad according to your objectives, using custom content, keyword optimization, and best practices. We then monitor your leads, importing them to special software so you can access them at any time. From there, your sales team can contact your leads and seal conversions. Our team of professionals helps you with every step of lead generation for Facebook and Instagram, from creating your ads to following up with consumers. Marketing is what we do best.

Increased Web Traffic

Your Facebook and Instagram generation lead ad will have a link to your website or landing page. This page must be ready for the traffic that clicks on your ad. StrataBlue performs website optimization, focused on sealing conversions. We help you stay on top of Facebook Ads, generate more leads, and beat the competition. With help from our team, you can enjoy consistent returns on your ad investment every time. To get started with Facebook Ads, contact us today.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has more than 1.8 billion active monthly users.

It is the most popular social network in the world. With the right message at the right time, your company can tap into this massive resource and attract target consumers from around the globe. Facebook Ads gives companies an easy, effective, and affordable way to benefit from the platform’s massive reach. Companies can target their audiences, grab attention across multiple devices, and see real results. Here is what Facebook Ads can do for you:


Open the door to powerful targeting tools. Identify your audience based on age, gender, income, geographic location, education level, and more. The Custom Audiences feature allows you to target an extremely specific niche of users to suit your business needs. Laser-specific audience targeting is a must-have in the realm of personalized ad campaigns and the importance of relevancy.

Audience Reach

Help you reach your social media audience. In recent years, Facebook has made business accounts less and less visible to users. This can frustrate your brand’s social media efforts and outreach strategy. Luckily, you can make your content seen on Facebook in advertisements instead. Your ad will appear directly in your target audience’s newsfeed, or in the right-hand column – prime real estate on the most popular social media platform worldwide.

Generate More Leads

Facebook Ads can bring new traffic to your website, but the perks don’t end there – it can cultivate leads, customers, and sales. You can tag customers that visit your site with cookies, building an audience for remarketing. Remarketing shows your ads to Facebook users after they visit your website, use your app, or give you their email address. Remarketing with Facebook is a powerful way to boost engagement and conversion rates.

This is essential

As a business owner or marketer, knowing how to leverage Facebook Ads is essential for your strategy. Not using Facebook Ads, or using it incorrectly, does your brand a significant disservice. Do yourself a favor – partner with the professionals at StrataBlue to conquer Facebook advertising.

How We Manage Your Account

Pixel Implementation

See who's been visiting your site and how your ads are performing on Facebook.

Conversion Tracking

Track whether customers are signing up for your services or purchasing your products.


Retarget potential customers who might still be interested, but haven't acted.

Ad Spend Management

Directing the right funds to the right campaigns thru constant monitoring.

Advanced Technology

We leverage specialized analytics tools to track and optimize your campaigns.

Custom Audiences

Target your existing customers by developing a custom audience list just for them.

Lookalike Audiences

Extend your audience reach by targeting those similar to your current customer list.

Warm Lead Generation

Increase quality leads by directing your visitors to specific pages on your website.

Monthly Reporting

Detailed reports of all areas of your ad campaigns are provided for monthly review.

Dynamic Product Ads

Keep your customers engaged and show them the products that they want to see.


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