Facebook Marketplace is Here to Stay

Facebook Marketplace

What is that little icon smack dab in the center of the bottom of our Facebook apps today? Well, that’s Marketplace, the shopping and listing feature that Facebook introduced last October. It just kind of popped up one day and you’re either already buying/selling on there or you have yet to check it out. Maybe you peaked at it for a second and then left like I did. It wasn’t until I was in need of a washer and dryer that I discovered the perks of Marketplace, almost a whole year after it became available! Kind of sad.

Not only is marketplace an easy and organized way to find cheap and used items in your area, Facebook has big plans. Recently, they just announced that Deborah Liu was given a title change. She is now the VP of Marketplace where she will turn all her attention. Liu will be working alongside Eddie O’Neil, who will oversee all analytics, Facebook logins, account recovery and support for developer community products including software-development kits and application-programming interfaces.

Marketplace is like Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, and good old garage sales all in one! I have been able to find good quality, working products for over half the original price. In an economy like this, unless you’re making bank, a $1000.00+ brand new washing and drying machine is not a smart investment for me. But for $150? Heck yes! Marketplace is about to be a lifesaver for young adults. A place to find affordable, quality products in your area on a platform that is looking out to make sure all transactions are safe and successful.

The next step for Facebook Marketplace advancement would be a delivery system – Hey Deborah Liu! A partnership with Amazon might not be a bad idea? Let me know what your thoughts on Marketplace are or if you’ve encountered any awesome deals! Interested in reading more stories like this? Stay up to date with the digital marketing world and sign up for our weekly newsletter!