Lead Nurturing & Scoring

Let’s face it, we all want leads right? Our Strategy is to get you qualified leads that actually have a large percentage to close. Now you may think that it is a given, but getting qualified leads is harder than you may think.

Your seasoned sales people instinctively know if the potential lead is qualified or not based on many years of experience. Our goal is to be part of your seasoned sales team and continuously evaluate the leads that we generate.

This requires a clear understanding of your customers and the various touchpoints they may have with your company. More importantly, this requires understanding the goals you are trying to reach with regard to helping your customers clearly understand the value of your products and services.

Measure, Analyze, Perform

Measuring the quality of leads is a very precise process, since your customers are unique and personal. They deserve to be measured based multiple touchpoints, not just visits, clicks, and forms. A CEO’s journey may be scored differently than an Engineer’s. The same campaign done in the spring could be completely different than one done in the summer.

Measure, Analyze, Perform

Analysis of Scoring is the crafting of unique processes and decision points that feed diverse nurture campaigns. Let’s go back to the CEO and the Engineer performing the same digital journey. The CEO may receive a different piece of content or may be forwarded to a senior executive at your company, while the Engineer may be pointed to technical video.

Measure, Analyze, Perform

You have the leads and they are qualified, but are they? Are they converting? We integrate with your sales team and processes and truly monitor the leads journey and learn, learn, and you guessed it, learn. We need to understand why the customer purchased and equally more importantly why not. Well, sort of…

In the old days, this would have been a satisfactory answer. Today, with so many variables and technology at our disposal we can go deeper and not only focus on the leads but the customer also. Did they receive the right content? Were they truly helped? By using StrataBlue, we would like to think YES!


By Measuring, Analyzing, and Performing we can gain a deep understanding of your customers and qualify the leads based on your diverse goals.

The STRATEGY M.A.P. framework was specifically designed to help you help your customers truly appreciate YOU!


Business is about partnerships. StrataBlue is dedicated to creating lasting partnerships that cultivate growth personally and professionally. We strive to grow your business and in so doing we learn from one another. Generating business is our profession; Building leadership is our goal.

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