Influencer Analysis

Social media is more than just a tool or a Facebook post here and there. It’s an entire sales channel for engagement that has proven to be a game-changer for brands across nearly every industry. While most have adopted some sort of social media, many haven’t integrated it fully into their marketing initiatives. We believe that glossing over social means missing the most important new opportunity for engagement. But we’re here to help.

The Search & Social Story

Social media is a key part of a successful SEO strategy as search and social are closely tied together. Our social media services act as a partner to our SEO and digital marketing strategies. Social media can be used for discovery, engagement, brand recognition, awareness, and more.

Finding Your Conversation

The first step to a successful Social Analysis is identifying a community of influencers. By tapping into communities already put into place by people active in your industry, you can enter a conversation in progress and claim a significant share of voice in that market space. Don’t miss out on turning chatter on the web into chatter about your brand.


Business is about partnerships. StrataBlue is dedicated to creating lasting partnerships that cultivate growth personally and professionally. We strive to grow your business and in so doing we learn from one another. Generating business is our profession; Building leadership is our goal.

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