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StrataBlue’s goal is to facilitate long-term success for our clients. We do this with our three business mainstays: measure, analyze, and perform. PPC is not a set-it-and-forget-it application. Paid advertising requires constant monitoring and modification to achieve the most cost-effective solutions. The team at StrataBlue can help you put the right key performance indicators in place to measure the success of your PPC campaign. By collecting information on the number of ad clicks and conversions, we help you learn what is and is not working. This is the only way to make improvements and ensure consistent ROI.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click marketing, or simply PPC, is a critical part of modern-day digital advertising. Using PPC to market your business is an effective way to get your target audience to see your brand and make a purchase – that is, if you have a firm grasp of how to optimize PPC for your company. Successful PPC has many moving parts:

  • A lot of research
  • Selecting the right keywords
  • Creating an organized campaign

A lot of research Selecting the right keywords Creating an organized campaign When you create an excellent PPC campaign, search engines charge you less per click. It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and ever-evolving tactics to get the best returns on your investment. That’s where StrataBlue comes in.


By putting in place the right KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), we can measure the success of each campaign. By setting specific and measurable goals, we can constantly be aware of what is or isn’t working, allowing us to modify in real-time. This requires a key understanding of the business processes to make that happen.


After measuring the most relevant and important information, it is up to us to analyze this data. Connecting the dots that may not be immediately apparent, often our clients are amazed at the opportunities that open up as the bigger picture becomes clearer.


Performing the right services is critical. We are judged on a monthly basis on performance. Built on trust, centered on accountability, and with the infrastructure to support your exponential growth; the team at StrataBlue is the strategic partner and trusted advisor you have been looking for.

Consistent Measurement

Getting returns from paid advertisements depends entirely on the performance of your ad. The PPC structure is only profitable if you make more from each click then you spend. For example, if a search engine charges you $3 per click but you make an average of $100 every time someone clicks your ad, you’re making a hefty profit. If, however, each $3 click results in no money spent on your site, you can find yourself in the red in no time. The only way to enjoy continuous ROI with a PPC ad is with consistent measurement, analysis, and performance reviews. StrataBlue is the strategic partner you’ve been looking for to help with these tasks.

Expert Knowledge

At StrataBlue, we employ experts in all major paid advertisement platforms. This includes Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo. Our team can help you discover which search engine gives you the best ROI, and whether you should advertise on more than one platform. We help you uncover the ideal keywords to reach your target audience and bid on keywords for your advertisements. Our team will help you create winning advertisements that search engines will prioritize over the competition, giving you the best ROI possible.

We Make Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo! Work for You.

PPC advertising with Google AdWords works on a bid system. Each company bids for a certain search keyword. Every time a user performs a search, Google pulls bidders from the pool to appear in the valuable ad space at the top and bottom of its search results page. Google does not do this at random – it selects the bidders based on factors such as the relevance of keywords, quality of the ad campaign, and the size of the keyword bid. At StrataBlue, we know how to make Google choose your ad from the list of bidders more often, giving you the most for your money. We do this using our in-depth knowledge of Ad Rank.

What's your goal?

Ad Rank

Google bases its Ad Rank on the highest amount each advertiser is willing to spend and the quality score of your company’s ad. Your quality score hinges on your landing page quality, click-through rate, and total relevance. The higher your quality score, the less you may bid on a keyword and still have a high chance of Google selecting you. In the long run, this strategy gives you better ROI, since each click costs less. Since Google’s goal is to give users ads that are the most relevant to what they are searching for, your company can master AdWords by improving your site’s relevancy.

Cost Savings

Buying ads on the Yahoo! Bing network is slightly less competitive and often cheaper than with Google AdWords. Bing and Yahoo! have joined forces in the PPC atmosphere to help combat the higher volume of traffic Google receives. The process for PPC with Yahoo! Bing is similar to Google AdWords and involves choosing keywords, creating a relevant and engaging ad, and placing a bid. You must periodically test the performance of your PPC advertising to make sure your ad isn’t losing money. Testing can be difficult for the average business owner. Partner with StrataBlue for this complex but rewarding task.

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