There are 48,000 truck driver job openings around the U.S.

And thousands of truck drivers ready to fill them, according to Truck driver recruitment firms are constantly in cutthroat competition to get the drivers they want. Most often, recruiters use social media to attract drivers, but social media recruitment methods come with plenty of problems.

Cut Throat Competition

One of the biggest issues with today’s social media and other recruitment methods is that every firm gets the same number of drivers competing for the same spots on their networks. As a recruiter, you are desperate to hire truck drivers, but so are your competitors. Social media often makes it impossible to decide which drivers will best fit your needs.

Lacking Certification

Sometimes, it’s even difficult to tell the difference among the available drivers’ credentials. Most truck driver recruiters aren’t Facebook certified or otherwise familiar with social media. They simply slap pictures and profiles up on social media accounts and hope to find the truck drivers they need.

Cryptic Reporting

Even with Facebook-certified recruitment, many of the reports companies receive are cryptic or poorly written. Employers never know whether they are hiring a driver with the right experience. Has a certain driver ever hauled specific freight loads of certain weights? Is this driver familiar with both the interstates and back roads in your area? How many accidents has a prospective driver been in, and has or she been written up for traffic violations? Many employers leave truck driver recruitment sites with these questions unanswered, putting themselves, their company, and the safety of people on the road at risk. If a report does cover such questions, the information may be outdated.

StrataBlue Offers a Better Truck Driver Recruitment Strategy

With most truck driving recruitment companies using the same marketing tools and writing their reports the same way, how can you, the recruiter, separate yourself from the masses? Over the years, recruiters have tried several methods, including catchy slogans, bright logos, and unique marketing promises. These may work in the short term, but they don’t tell prospective drivers much about the company for which they’d be working. A slogan or logo reflects a trucking company’s goals, but not its day-to-day culture or the expectations placed on drivers. Today’s recruiters need the specific information only StrataBlue can provide.

Make social media work for you.

With StrataBlue’s approach to truck driver recruitment, social media will work for you, not against you. Our team members are Facebook certified and well-versed in social media marketing tools. They reach thousands of technologically savvy trucking companies on the cutting edge of the industry. Their methods break down reams of information on trucking into what employers, drivers, and other industry members most need to know. With Strata Blue, you won’t get several nonspecific trucking posts designed to recruit random drivers. You’ll get posts specific to various parts of trucking, designed to attract certain demographics. Does your trucking company need more women? Our posts, reports, and designs will get them interested in working for you. Is your rural trucking company struggling? We’ll tailor posts so drivers want to work for you instead of larger urban companies.

Pixel Implementation

See who's been visiting your site and how your ads are performing on Facebook.

Conversion Tracking

Track whether customers are signing up for your services or purchasing your products.


Retarget potential customers who might still be interested, but haven't acted.

Ad Spend Management

Directing the right funds to the right campaigns thru constant monitoring.

Advanced Technology

We leverage specialized analytics tools to track and optimize your campaigns.

Custom Audiences

Target your existing customers by developing a custom audience list just for them.

Lookalike Audiences

Extend your audience reach by targeting those similar to your current customer list.

Warm Lead Generation

Increase quality leads by directing your visitors to specific pages on your website.

Monthly Reporting

Detailed reports of all areas of your ad campaigns are provided for monthly review.

Dynamic Product Ads

Keep your customers engaged and show them the products that they want to see.

We Know Strategy.

Recent statistics show Facebook has 1.2 billion subscribers. Thousands, if not millions, of these people are truck drivers. When they aren’t working, truckers need quick, easy ways to keep up with the world around them. StrataBlue uses Facebook and other social media outlets to help them do so and to keep them abreast of job opportunities. When you use us, you won’t get cryptic or old reports on drivers you want to recruit. Our information is current and covers everything you’d want to know about a prospective driver.
With our recruitment methods, you won’t waste your marketing budget. At StrataBlue, we tell you exactly how much you’ll pay for recruitment reports, social media posts, and other information you need. We keep you informed about where your money goes and how prospective drivers respond to posts and campaigns. With our up-to-the-minute financial information, you can revise recruitment methods any time without spending thousands of unnecessary dollars.

Top of the Line Functionality.

StrataBlue’s trucking recruitment is seamlessly integrated with Tenstreet. Every time an employer or trucker gets a job lead through social media, the lead also goes directly to Tenstreet. That way, the lead is engaged in two highly trafficked areas, which streamlines the recruitment and workflow processes. Many prospects might end up driving for your trucking company because they are so impressed with how they were brought in. We offer complete integration with marketing automation.

StrataBlue is not just functional on Facebook and Twitter. We create personalized, targeted emails and texts for every company and driver with whom we work. The emails and texts inform our clients of predefined events designed to attract potential employees. At these events and through online avenues, you are sure to find the drivers you want most.

How Can I Keep Track of Prospective Drivers?

StrataBlue makes it much easier to keep track of the 48,000 or more drivers who might visit your website in one day, week, or month. We use visitor tracking, which shows you exactly what pages a prospective driver has visited and where her interests lie. This information allows you to create targeted emails, texts, newsletters, or posts designed around what your drivers find most compelling.

Budgeting & Marketing Automation

In addition to visitor tracking, StrataBlue offers automatic budgeting and automation throughout the trucking industry. With automatic budgeting, you’ll always know where the most successful driver demographics are and who makes up those demographics. You’ll be able to hire the most successful drivers possible and pay them what their skills deserve. Our budgeting reports will help you spend your company’s money wisely and devote more time to taking care of your drivers and freight.

Our truck driver recruitment methods and trucking industry software allow for automation throughout the trucking industry. With automation, your drivers and customers will never wait endlessly for a shipment again or have to worry about damaged goods. Automation allows easy and efficient communication between drivers, dispatchers, other trucking employees, and customers. If a problem occurs, it’s solved right away with minimal inconvenience to the customer or driver.

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