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Four Tips for Getting Started with a Social Media Marketing Career

Where has 2014 gone? It feels like just yesterday (even though it was back in January) that I was setting up shop at my first, post-college job as a social media account manager at StrataBlue. After reflecting back on the fastest seven months of my life, I have learned an unbelievable amount and have added some impressive accomplishments to my résumé. Check out my four tips for someone wanting to get started in the field of social and digital media marketing.

  1. Social Media Doesn’t Sleep

–          I’m only in the office Monday through Friday, but this is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week gig, folks. You’ve got to be on your toes and readily available to deliver breaking news from (and on behalf of) your clients or brand in a timely manner. The same holds true when responding to customer inquiries. During the week, 9 p.m. is a peak activity time for social media users. While I do disconnect from work and focus on different hobbies outside of work, I also have my clients’ social channels send notifications to my iPhone so I’m able to respond to questions at any time.

  1. Time Management is a Must

–          If you prefer a routine schedule, this field is not the one for you. I often have project requests that dominate others in terms of deadlines or importance, not to mention that my day-to-day tasks shift frequently. Working quickly and efficiently under time constraints is something I have learned to adapt to well here at StrataBlue. If you’re taking on a social media function at a company, I recommend making a checklist for the next day before you leave at night, or else write one first thing in the morning. This helps keep me organized and I get an extra boost of motivation every time I check off a box on my list.

  1. Make Your Client Feel Like the ONLY Client

–          Our social media account managers juggle several clients at one time. The difference between StrataBlue and other agencies is that we make each client feel like they are the only client. This goes back to my first tip about being readily available at all times. We have to build trust with our clients and constantly prove that we are able to impact their larger marketing goals. Rule of thumb with clients: “Under promise, over deliver.”

  1. Be a Fast Learner Who is Adaptable to Change

–          Technology is ever changing. What devices or platforms I may have used yesterday could be old news come tomorrow morning. (MySpace anyone?). If you aren’t a self-starter and someone who continually takes the initiative to learn new skills, you are likely to fail in the digital media marketing field. Every day I scan through Social Media Today, Search Engine Watch, Google+ communities and other social media and technology news websites in order to stay ahead of the curve. This can be a challenge, but it’s worth it.

Care to add on to my tips about starting a social media marketing career or to work in the field of digital marketing? Leave a comment below or chat with me on Twitter at @whatupTUT.