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At StrataBlue, we strive to learn your brand inside and out. This includes your products or services, your market, and your customers’ needs. We provide weekly and monthly website optimization and reports to keep you updated on your site’s performance, answering any questions or concerns you may have along the way. We measure the success of each change we make to your website and make alterations according to your needs. When it comes to local and organic SEO, StrataBlue is a trustworthy and rewarding partner. Find out for yourself – reach out to our team today.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what a website needs to get as much organic traffic as possible from searches performed on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other engines. SEO is how websites make it to the first page of search results without paying for advertisements. The standards for SEO are constantly changing, as are the rules for Google’s search algorithms. It can be difficult to keep up. The SEO experts at StrataBlue can help any company continually master site optimization, tailoring content, headers, links, and more to meet the needs of users and search engines alike. We do this with our three-step process: measure, analyze, perform.

Step 1. We measure your current website

The first step in our SEO strategy is to measure your business’s current website. We conduct an on-page and off-page SEO audit of your site, checking virtually every component for leaks and failures. For example, Google penalizes sites that overuse keywords, use low-quality links, and copy content from other pages (even your own other websites). Our on-page audit flags these issues and any other non-SEO-friendly problems, bringing them to our attention so we can create a solution.

On-page SEO depends on every element of your website working seamlessly together, creating the best possible experience for users. Your titles, headers, meta description, links, content, imagery, forms, and more must all adhere to search engine rules and best practices. This is the only way you can hope to move your site to the top of the search results organically. Off-page SEO is equally important. This involves things outside of your control that influence your search engine rankings, such as high-quality backlinks and social media presence. You can optimize your off-page site performance using engaging content, stellar social media outreach, smart digital public relations, and online marketing through our SEO specialists.

Step 2. We Analyze What You Could Do Better

Next, we analyze the data we glean from your current site using our special software and advanced technologies. Our techniques pinpoint exactly where search engines are penalizing you, and teach you what to do differently. We fix issues using custom solutions tailored to your company, your audience, and your goals. We repair the backend of your website as well as optimize your content for easy searchability. Collecting and analyzing data from your site is the only way to ensure total optimization.

StrataBlue has teams of experienced and highly educated market researchers, content strategists, digital marketers, branding specialists, and SEO experts standing by to help get your website in prime condition for search engines. We believe in becoming our clients’ partners in SEO, working with them as a team to facilitate growth and company success. We work with you to find opportunities for optimization, resolve weaknesses, and provide guidance without disturbing your operations. Our team takes charge of branding, social media, web design, content, and more to make sure your site performs at its absolute best during user searches.

Step 3. We Perform the Right Services

StrataBlue makes SEO possible through measurement and analysis, but our goals for your company don’t end there. The third and most important element in our SEO strategy is perform. We perform the right service to make your site the best it can be. Our team ensures the performance of your site through continuous measurements, audits, and site reviews. We look at the big picture as well as small details, conducting routine website checks to ensure a new trend or Google algorithm update doesn’t hurt your search rankings. We continue to work with your company or website manager to achieve lasting search engine optimization.

More Than Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the lifeblood of making your site visible to the widest audience. However, optimizing for search engines may also rely on local SEO. If you are a local small business, you must adhere to general SEO best practices and local SEO rules. This means more work for your team, but also more rewards when you optimize correctly. Local SEO gives neighborhood businesses a boost over large companies and corporations, placing them at the top of the search results list. StrataBlue will help you handle local SEO with finesse, boosting your chances of coming in above your competition. This is just one of the ways we work for you.

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