Facebook Adds Groups to Business Pages


Facebook is letting brands and businesses do more with their pages by letting then create groups within. Business pages have a general list of likers and followers. By letting them create groups within their page, they can create more niche customer segments. This is a new way that brands and media companies can boost their engagement.

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Using Facebook Live to Engage with Followers

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a relatively new feature. Social Media Today talks about how to use Facebook’s Live video features to engage with your audience. People are said to spend up to 3 times longer watching live video than other forms of video. Facebook live is generating a lot of engagement and here is a synopsis of how you too can engage with your followers this way.

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Facebook: ‘The Circle’ in Real Life

The Circle

If you haven’t seen The Circle in theaters yet, you’re about to see it in real life. Facebook is expanding again, except this time it’s not their social features, it’s their physical campus. Facebook has been at its current 430,000-square-foot headquarters in Menlo Park, California a little over two years now. Now, Facebook is building what it calls it’s “Willow Campus”, not just new office space.

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The Complete Guide To Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Ad Targeting
When it comes to advertising on Facebook, not targeting your ads correctly can make or break your ROI. You can target Facebook users by:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Connections
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Demographics
  • Custom audiences


And inside each one of these categories, are so many options it may make your head spin! Which is why we created this handy dandy (yet super long) Facebook Ad Targeting Guide. We’ve done the legwork for you and broke down each of the detailed targeting categories – interests, behaviors, demographics, custom audiences.

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Facebook Has More Power Than Ever

Facebook has More Power than Ever

Now that the social media network has reached 2 billion monthly users, Facebook has more power than ever. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg hosted Facebook’s first ever Community-Summit in Chicago. He announced there will soon be new tools to help admins and communities run smoother on the platform. Communities are a huge component of the social platform for there are over 1 million people that use Facebook groups monthly.  As the largest and most influential social network in the world, Facebook has a lot of responsibility on its plate.

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Facebook Algorithm 101

Facebook Algorithm

Understanding the Facebook algorithm can be a bit of a headache. It is crucial in ensuring your content gets in front of people in their newsfeed. Facebook’s VP of News Feed, Adam Mosseri, recently broke down the process. Keep reading for more.

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Facebook Q1 Results

Facebook Q1

Facebook Q1 results prove yet again that they are the dominating social media platform with data to support it. Despite facing skepticism for fake news, copying Snapchat and much more, Facebook users have actually grown. It has increased its daily active users and monthly active users. 

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Facebook Clones Snapchat, Again, With Stories

Facebook Clones Snaps Stories Again

Today, Facebook launched another clone of Snapchat with its stories feature. Similar to Snapchat, Stories also has an in-app camera with filters. Facebook’s product manager, Connor Hayes, wrote that the goal for the various platforms of sharing will allow our community to be “more open and connected.” But for some users, it just feels like Facebook is being a copycat. 

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Expanding Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video

It’s no secret that video is increasingly popular across social media platforms. Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day. And people tend to spend 3 times longer watching video that is live compared to video that is no longer live. Facebook is expanding its live video efforts, but the truth is, it’s a difficult task to take on. 

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Learning Facebook Trends From Users

A recent study by Mavrck offered insights and trends into how user engagement on Facebook has changed since it updated its algorithm. In 2016, Facebook changed its algorithm to place more emphasis on content from family and friends over brands. This change is important for marketers to understand as they determine ways to reach their target audience. 

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