Remarketing Via Messenger

Imagine as a consumer, you message a company with a question you have about a product or service. You don’t end up buying anything, but you are somewhat bought into the company as you initiated contact with them first. Later, you are messaged by them offering a discount on your next purchase. You have just received a sponsored message!

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Facebook Pushes Into TV

Facebook announces it has been working on a video app for set-top boxes that would feature “TV-quality” shows licensed by the company. Although the social network has been pushing live video, it believes an app would hold longer, higher quality content. 

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The Joy of Canvas

Facebook Canvas lets you combine images, video, text, and call-to-action buttons in a single, fully immersive mobile ad experience. Want to learn how to create Facebook Canvas ads? Click below and watch my demo of Canvas.

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Facebook Ad Blockers

The most aggressive force in ad-blocking technology is pitted against the world’s mightiest social network. The stakes have never been higher for both parties. And there seems no end in sight, as Adblock Plus continues to attack Facebook with the bloody ferocity of a Mongol horde.

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The Year Of Snapchat

social media platform 2015

It’s no secret that Snapchat was the hottest topic of conversation in 2015. It saw tremendous growth in users, views, and advertising. It became part of users’ everyday lives and caused a panic when experiencing technical difficulties. As if that isn’t enough here is more proof that Snapchat was THE social media platform of 2015.

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The Social Media Site You’ve All Been Waiting For


Whether or not you like politics, you’re bound to know what’s going on at all times, especially now with the presidential race in full swing. As if the TV news channels, the newspaper, and websites weren’t enough, you also have those certain Facebook friends posting nonstop, forcing their views on their friends. We get it. You don’t agree with Donald Trump. Now please stop telling us all. Finally, someone has created a social media site just for these political postings and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Facebook Is Finally Asking What You Want To See

social media

Facebook has been used as a model for all other social media sites for years now. Every site is always being compared to Facebook. Facebook is crazy successful. Sometimes, it’s clear why it has been so successful, other times it’s not so clear. This is one of those not-so clear times.

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Twitter Angers More Users


It seems like every few weeks Twitter has a new update. And it seems like with each update, Twitter is trying to be more like Facebook. Twitter’s users are not pleased with this. They were angered by the change to a heart rather than a star, annoyed by Twitter switching the Notifications and Moments buttons, and now, users are upset with the platform’s newest experiment, out of order tweets.

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TBT To The Old Facebook

Facebook search bar

Facebook has made so many changes to the platform, sometimes it’s hard to remember what it used to be. While most of their changes have been for the better, there is one thing that we still miss…the old search bar.

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Facebook’s Live Videos Are Here To Stay

Facebook live video

Facebook’s newest release has the potential to either make your timeline more annoying than before or give you a better way to keep in contact with friends. This release is live video. Facebook is now allowing a “small subset” of users live stream videos to their friends’ newsfeeds. Once the video is no longer streaming, it is posted to the user’s timeline like other videos would be.

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