Digitally dominate your competition

Are your marketing and sales seamlessly in Sync? If your answer is “no”, here is a little guidance “Six ways to digitally dominate your competition.” None are necessarily “easy,” but if you and your team can put these tactics in place, you’ll be ready to build a more substantial business and a better future.

Where Most Business Owners Miss the Mark.

Most businesses fail because they’re operating without an understanding of their numbers. You need to master a range of metrics to grow profitably. In addition to that, you have to take the guesswork out of sales forecasts by leveraging technology and advertising to predict your revenue goals accurately.

It’s easy to spot a business that has it all together and appears to multiply right before our eyes. How do they do it? In almost every instance, their marketing and sales departments intertwined, working hand-in-hand from a singular foundational strategy comprised of the right technologies and integrations.

With over 7,400 marketing and sales products, and more entering the market every day, knowing where to begin is a feat. But, you also don’t want to be at the mercy of every Digital Salesperson that walks through the door selling the latest widget!

That’s why we exist to partner with our client’s sales departments and develop a unique end-to-end solution. We help create foundations and processes that are easy to adopt, set you up to succeed, and have confidence in future economies. Let us engineer the flexible mousetrap while you focus on the sales.

Four Phases of the Customer Acquisition System

The digital landscape is continuously changing. The “right” way to do digital marketing two years ago is no longer relevant. Just as the early bird relentlessly chases the worm, our team of certified business lifecycle experts tirelessly track trends and adapts their expertise to the latest and greatest.

We encourage innovative solutions and are confident in trying new tactics if they are right for your business. In the end, the goal is to move people through the buyer’s journey with the least waste. To do this, you must reach the right people with the right offer in the right places, and it’s not going to look the same for all businesses.

Jumping right into sales or lead generation is a way to go, but your results will flatline if you don’t invest in teaching people who you are first. Brand awareness fosters trust and builds equity.
Today's "Consideration" phase requires 7+ touch points to move people to the next phase.
When someone is ready to buy, your marketing and sales system should make it as easy as click-and-done for your potential customers. Today’s informed buyers don’t have the patience to jump through hoops for your offer.
Turn your customers into diehard advocates to enhance ALL other stages of the buyer’s journey. This phase is the oil minimizing friction in your system.

Our Clients

Kayak Pools Midwest Strategy

StrataBlue implemented an omni-channel digital marketing strategy that utilized multiple methods of promoting and distributing Kayak’s products and services, as well as made it easier for customers to get in contact with the Kayak team.

How Ayik + Berto Disrupted the Endodontic Industry

AYIK + BERTO worked with StrataBlue to devise a process for their new direct-to-patient
business model that would allow for more brand exposure and control of the patient

What's our secret? It’s all data!

We get it often. “What’s the secret to Facebook Ads?” or “What’s the secret to digital marketing?” Here’s the truth. All businesses have access to the same advertising platforms, targeting options, and ad formats, but all companies don’t have a clear understanding of how to use their first-party data and real-time data coming in to make it all work BEST.

Proper collection and use of data can take your leads from $11 to $3.50 in a matter of two years. What’s even better is the quality of leads increases as your costs go down. We’ve generated 25,000+ leads a year for ONE client, multiple years in a row. What could you do with that many leads?

To take it a step farther, what could you do with a 31X return on ad spend (ROAS)? We saw this ROAS just last year for a client who exceeded 11 million in sales!

Take us up on a free 30-minute strategy session to hear how we can take your data and turn it into a long-term profit-generating system.

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Our Clients Love Us

These guys have earned my business and I consider them my marketing department. Its taken a couple of months to start seeing results, which is quite good, but we are on our second 50+ camera lead that we would not have attracted without them. They've dropped my lead acquisition cost by half and increased our inbound leads by a little more than double.
Armando Perez | President, Hoosier Security
Armando Perez

With what is currently happening (COVID-19), we had no choice but to expedite our phone sales campaign(s) and currently we are doing virtual presentations 100% of the time. I would like to add the success we are having is incredible, so much that we had to hire 2 installation crews. Our 90-person company would not be able to survive and thrive if it wasn’t for StrataBlue.

Mike Klein | Owner, Kayak Pools
Mike Klein

I absolutely would recommend StrataBlue. It's been about a four year relationship... and it's been a great experience.

Jon Sinder | Owner, Crown Liquors
Jon Sinder

Why Choose StrataBlue?

Our client’s success is the only thing that matters period. We exist not to be another agency that puts their clients through the same pain that businesses often report when working with agencies. For starters, all advertising spend that you commit towards campaigns with us is fully transparent. So much so that you get the invoices straight from the platforms themselves.

Do you own all of your content? Are you paying a licensing fee to keep that explainer video on your website? StrataBlue will help you take ownership of all your content by reproducing non-owned content and creating new content in the form of ads, articles, videos, etc. You own this content, and it will never get revoked.

When partnering with StrataBlue, you get real-time access to all of your accounts and systems. If you feel more comfortable with an internal member monitoring ad platforms – no problem! You own all of your accounts.

No long-term contracts, we will earn your business every day, week, month, and year or you can leave. A partnership with StrataBlue is right if you’re an ambitious small to medium-sized business that’s able to commit a minimum of $5,000 a month into growth.

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