Instagram Stories Now Offer Polling & Influencers are On It

Instagram Story Polling

Just to add fuel to the fire, here is another reason why influencers are one of the today’s top means of marketing. They are quick, they are on it, they are early adopters and they are adaptive as f***. They say that when it came to Instagram Stories, Influencers were quicker to adopt polling than brands were. Do you think this would be the case with most technological advances?

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Facebook News Feed Preferences

News Feed Preferences

I just stumbled across an Adweek article that opened my eyes to some features on Facebook I had no idea about. Facebook offers News Feed Preferences and has since 2015, yet not many know about this. The article was called “Facebook: Here’s How to See Who You’ve Unfollowed”… My first thought was “Why would I care to see things from people I’ve chosen to unfollow”. But, being that I work in media, I decided to follow the steps anyway and here is what I discovered.

You can see and control much more than the people you have unfollowed by following these instructions. Under News Feed Preferences you can:

  • Prioritize who to see first
  • Unfollow people to hide their posts (but stay friends)
  • Reconnect with people you unfollowed
  • Discover pages that match your interest
  • Turn On/Off Apps You want to or don’t want to see


All of these are helpful features because with Facebook’s algorithms it seems like sometimes what you see isn’t exactly the stuff that you’d want to see. By setting these preferences, you are helping Facebook show you things you want to see.

Recently, I had a friend come to me and ask why they couldn’t see all of their close friends’ stuff. I said, well the algorithms don’t think that you are interested in that person’s stuff. With these News Feed Preferences, you can go in and prioritize all your close friends and family to make sure that you never miss out on anything.

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BuzzFeed: Bridging the Gap Between Speed & Scale of Programmatic Ads


BuzzFeed is our favorite place to go for Tasty videos and quizzes and they’ve come up with a brilliant idea. They have the perfect follower base and steady reach to perfect native advertising (even though they are already the poster child of native). They even think they can come up with ads that people will actually like!  BuzzFeed is coming out with two new ad products. 

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Snapchat Wants to Offer Businesses More – StrataBlue


The recent addition of Snap Map, the map feature that lets you share your location with friends in real-time is getting an addition of its own. Now Snapchat wants to offer businesses more by offering users more information on their friend’s locations

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Google is Working on Keeping it Clean With Ad Filters

Ad Filters

In an attempts to eliminate certain categories of ads, Google is introducing new ad filters. How are these filters powered? By machine learning of course, much like everything else today. Publishers can use these filters to block certain racist or spammy ads from their sites. Publishers have expressed their concern with certain ads they have seen on their site in the past.  

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Do Facebook Articles Need More Context?

Facebook Articles

Facebook is at it again with its tests and fancy updates. This time, they are working on providing more context to users in what they see on their newsfeed. Like any digital test, there will be a test and control group of people. The test group will have access to an “i” button atop links to certain articles in their newsfeed.

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The Rise of Social Media Customer Care

social media customer care

The customer is always right they say. Social media is a key place for brands to operate, meaning it must be a key place for customer care as well. Things have changed a lot in the realm of social media customer care over the past years and we are fortunate that Website Builder shared their extensive infographic with us to use as a valuable resource. Consistent customer support and proper social media strategy are musts for businesses. This Infographic, created by Website Builder, presents the importance and benefits of giving attention to the compliments on social media for business.

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Walmart and Parcel Logistics Tackle New York City

Walmart and Parcel

Walmart, in desperate attempts to compete with Amazon, is now offering same-day delivery in New York City. They recently acquired Parcel,  a logistics company to help maneuver the city. The start-up, Parcel handles scheduled and same-day delivery services in NY for online retailers and meal-prep companies.

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Still Confused with Facebook Marketplace? We Can Help.

Facebook Marketplace

We all know the struggle of figuring out what to do with our stuff when cleaning out closets, downsizing, or just simply feng shui-ing. We also know the struggle of needing a certain item for cheap and as soon as possible. And we know how much we love to just browse. That’s why Facebook gave you Marketplace. From finding the things you need, getting great deals, and honestly just browsing around (sometimes stumbling across funny things people are selling)  “Marketplace is a convenient destination on Facebook to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community and all over the world.” Marketplace is going to help us see the value in the stuff we own and help other people find the things they need. There have been a lot of questions and concerns regarding Facebook Marketplace and this blog is here to clear the air!

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The Intel Loihi Research Test Chip

The Intel Loihi research test chip

Intel appears to be working on many advances behind closed doors. First, they announce a huge partnership to bring their technology to the Olympic Games. Now, they have announced that they are working on an experimental ‘self-learning’ chip that will make robots smarter. Intel named their chip, “The Intel Loihi research test chip”. This is a neuromorphic chip that closely resembles the brain. 

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