Patient Acquisition Systems

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Are your practices experiencing any of these symptoms?

1Tired of relying on unpredictable referrals as your only source for new patients
2Need a strategy to predictably add 20-50 new patients a month
3Not sure where to begin with Digital Marketing to drive growth
4Are your ad dollars really translating into new patients
5Your practice is different but looks the same as the rest

How We Helped Disrupt the Endodontic Industry

AYIK + BERTO Dental Specialists is a new, private equity-backed venture that houses eight decentralized endodontic practices. Prior to 2020, these practices operated separately and followed the status quo of the industry: they relied on referrals from general practice (GP) dentists.

But there was a glaring problem. Relying on GP referrals is a passive, uncertain business model that often prevents endodontic businesses from achieving real growth.

The model is unpredictable by nature because it creates a dependency on third parties for new business – and at the end of the day, there’s no control over the decisions those third parties make (and you can only hand out so many cupcakes to build those relationships). Research shows that only 32% of GPs refer 10% or less of their root canals to endodontists.

To take the power back into their own hands, AYIK + BERTO joined forces with StrataBlue to disrupt the endodontic industry.

Practice Lifecycle Management


Just a thought or an idea, birth of a new practice


Products or services are in production first patients exist


Revenues and patients are increasing with many new opportunities and issues, profits are strong, but competition is surfacing


Practice growth is not explosive but manageable, practice life has become more routine


A new period of growth into new markets


Year over year sales and profits tend to be stable, however competition remains fierce


The big opportunity for the business to cash out on all the effort and years of hard work

Practice Ecosystem


Production Stack

  • Software
  • Business Operations
  • Maintenance, Security
  • On Demand API, Integration

Attention Stack

  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Content Creation, Website
  • Retargeting, Optimization
  • SEO, Social Ad Platform, PPC


Fulfillment Stack

  • SaaS, Automation
  • Business Operations
  • Maintenance, Security
  • On Demand API, Integration

Data Stack

  • Data Stack
  • Transaction, Optimization
  • Targeting, Storage/ Management
  • Analytics, Delivery, Planning

Attention Stack


Optimize site to amplify search & UX, bring social activity together and drive traffic to channels & retailers.

Ad Words / PPC

Targeting people who are in buy mode. Google will also be affective during the awareness stage and cold unaware stages, but is the best platform for the fastest conversion


Top of funnel advertising aimed at generating leads and driving next step actions through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.


Build a seamless experience by automating the patient journey with video tutorials, appointment reminders, and any additional information you want prospects to learn


Utilize your current database or generate a list of new targeted leads

OTT Broadcast / Digital Radio / Print

Leverage TV everywhere approach to target most relevant audiences no matter where they are consuming TV content. Audio Everywhere allows you to always be on where the patients are


Increase the position of all websites during search results when people are looking for dental services

Identify High-Value Patients, & Coach Your Front Desk

We use software to track and analyze your new patient calls. This software uses AI to identify the value of your callers in real-time. This allows you to prioritize potential new opportunities and monitor your return on total investment and advertising spend. Within 30 minutes of a patient call, we will send your front desk an alert on how to win back the lost patient, increasing your revenue, and lowering new patient acquisition costs.

Future-Proof Your Practice, Automate Clerical Tasks, & Simplify Your Patient Management System

Keep track of patients, visits, appointments, billing, email flows, and more, all from a single, straightforward interface. Most dental organizations run with outdated spreadsheets or databases filled with stagnant data and limited functionality. StrataBlue can help you implement a system that’s rich with data and easy to understand for all of your employees.

Critical Components for Growth

Strategy / Plan








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