What exactly is “DTOX”?

DTOX, Digital TO eXperience, is an enhanced consumer engagement process.  Business is no longer just B2B or B2C it’s P2P (Person to Person).

We created the DTOX process to identify distinguishing interests, behaviors and patterns in consumers so your marketing messages will connect with them in relevant and personal ways where they live, work and choose to play.

Create actionable business insights and strategy for you and your clients.

Current Customer Data

Whether you’re looking to retain and delight your current customer base or prospect new clients through marketing and sales activities, you’re likely sitting on a mound of useful customer data (emails, phone numbers, addresses). That data is a gateway to P2P experiences and increased ROI.

Enhanced Customer Insights

The DTOX process tells the story behind your data by sorting the demographic Intel against the various interests, behaviors and habits of your audience. These insights can be woven into the fabric of digital, social and experiential campaigns to vastly improve absorption. The result is a targeted, tailored message that reaches the people who truly want to see it.

Omni Channel Strategy

Enhanced customer insights are great but now what? Time for the marketing nerds to take over utilizing our more than 60 years of combined marketing experience. We’ll pair your data & insights together with our marketing expertise to breathe new life into your brand.

Execution & Reporting

Let’s win together. We believe in real partnerships with our clients. Real partnerships yield real results and that’s why we preach transparency. We will work tirelessly for your business, provide access to your own project management system, ad spend and results. We absorb your values and become part of your mission.

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