We make your data actionable.

StrataBlue is a Strategic Martech agency that offers best in class digital strategy and customer intelligence. We guide your business through the vast technology and digital ecosystem to create meaningful two-way conversations and get connected with your customers at scale.

We’re not here to take over – we’re here to give you the tools you need to get the most usable data out of your experience.


Get to know your customers.

You’ve got your event planned out, but how do you capture your consumer’s attention and gain the information you need? That’s where we step in. With our innovative digital strategies, we’ll help you gain and retain your consumers interest and trust and increase interest in your brand.

Try it yourself!

Use Facebook Messenger to scan the code to the right. This is one way we can keep your customers engaged while gathering valuable information about them.


Uncover a gold mine.

Your event was a success. You have tons of data. Now what? Through our DTOX (Digital TO eXperience) platform, we know exactly who your consumers are and what they like. Our technical prowess gives us the tools to mine and uncover details about your consumers that’ll give you the ability to create customized marketing campaigns – all from a single email.


Re-target those who’ve engaged.

Just because your event ended doesn’t mean that everything stops. The real work is what happens after and what you do with the information you have. With the information and affinities uncovered from our DTOX platform, we’ll be able to create customized campaigns that’ll resonate with your consumers.

Expand your efforts.

Also, through DTOX, we’ll expand your campaigns. You may get a few thousand emails at your event – we’ll turn those into much more. Through the affinities we find, we’ll be able to accurately match look-a-like audiences that’ll turn those few thousand emails into millions.

What’s out there about you?

Using proprietary data gathering techniques, we are able to gain access to a gold mine of information about your customers with a simple email.

Curious what we can tell about you? Put your email address in box to the right and hit “Show Me” to find out. We will populate information about you in real-time by just utilizing your email address.

Please be patient, as it might take a few minutes to populate your data.