Snapchat Wants to Offer Businesses More – StrataBlue


The recent addition of Snap Map, the map feature that lets you share your location with friends in real-time is getting an addition of its own. Now Snapchat wants to offer businesses more by offering users more information on their friend’s locations

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Do Facebook Articles Need More Context?

Facebook Articles

Facebook is at it again with its tests and fancy updates. This time, they are working on providing more context to users in what they see on their newsfeed. Like any digital test, there will be a test and control group of people. The test group will have access to an “i” button atop links to certain articles in their newsfeed.

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The Rise of Social Media Customer Care

social media customer care

The customer is always right they say. Social media is a key place for brands to operate, meaning it must be a key place for customer care as well. Things have changed a lot in the realm of social media customer care over the past years and we are fortunate that Website Builder shared their extensive infographic with us to use as a valuable resource. Consistent customer support and proper social media strategy are musts for businesses. This Infographic, created by Website Builder, presents the importance and benefits of giving attention to the compliments on social media for business.

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Still Confused with Facebook Marketplace? We Can Help.

Facebook Marketplace

We all know the struggle of figuring out what to do with our stuff when cleaning out closets, downsizing, or just simply feng shui-ing. We also know the struggle of needing a certain item for cheap and as soon as possible. And we know how much we love to just browse. That’s why Facebook gave you Marketplace. From finding the things you need, getting great deals, and honestly just browsing around (sometimes stumbling across funny things people are selling)  “Marketplace is a convenient destination on Facebook to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community and all over the world.” Marketplace is going to help us see the value in the stuff we own and help other people find the things they need. There have been a lot of questions and concerns regarding Facebook Marketplace and this blog is here to clear the air!

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You Need A F*****G Vacation.

Are you getting burnt out? Be honest. You wake up; shower gets dressed, commute to work, put the time in, commute back, watch tv, sleep, and repeat four more times. Sound about right?

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Twitter Testing Automated Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets

On Twitter, advertisers can pay for Promoted Tweets. These are normal tweets that advertisers pay to reach a wider audience. Normally, one would go into Twitter ads manager and create a campaign based on the tweet they want to be promoted. Twitter is changing things up a bit and testing a program that enables brands to automatically promote their tweets for $99.00 a month.

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Facebook Adds Groups to Business Pages


Facebook is letting brands and businesses do more with their pages by letting then create groups within. Business pages have a general list of likers and followers. By letting them create groups within their page, they can create more niche customer segments. This is a new way that brands and media companies can boost their engagement.

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Using Facebook Live to Engage with Followers

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a relatively new feature. Social Media Today talks about how to use Facebook’s Live video features to engage with your audience. People are said to spend up to 3 times longer watching live video than other forms of video. Facebook live is generating a lot of engagement and here is a synopsis of how you too can engage with your followers this way.

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Facebook Organic Posts: Dead? Yay or Nay

Facebook Organic

Open up your Facebook app. Look at the 2nd post. Does it say “Suggested App” or “Suggested Post”? Keep scrolling. Do your friends like a certain business page and, hey, you should like it too? There is no avoiding it, Facebook ads are everywhere. And it’s not just the big guys like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, or AB-INBEV that are paying. Small boutique shops, local restaurants, and local salons are stepping up and putting ad dollars behind their posts. With 65 million business on Facebook, to be heard, you have to pay to play. Does this mean Facebook organic posts are dead?

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Facebook: ‘The Circle’ in Real Life

The Circle

If you haven’t seen The Circle in theaters yet, you’re about to see it in real life. Facebook is expanding again, except this time it’s not their social features, it’s their physical campus. Facebook has been at its current 430,000-square-foot headquarters in Menlo Park, California a little over two years now. Now, Facebook is building what it calls it’s “Willow Campus”, not just new office space.

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