Jeb Bush: Presidential Candidate & Teacher of Social Media

jeb bush

I didn’t say he was a teacher of GOOD social media usage. In fact, he pretty much showed us all how not to use social media. #JebCanFixIt? Really? Yes, it’s difficult to represent an entire campaign and slogan in just a few words, but could they really not come up with something better?

Take notes, this is NOT an effective way to use hashtags…or Twitter.


5 Best Practices For Using Hashtags in Your Social Strategy

On social media today, a hashtag can be used on several platforms including, but not limited to: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The purpose of a hashtag is to connect people to conversations that are happening on the Internet. The original hashtag was created to mark keywords or topics within a tweet. Putting the “#” symbol in front of a word or phrase turns it into a link that makes it easier for people to find. Hashtags are easy to create and easy to find, but what are the best practices for using hashtags? Below, I have complied a list of the top 5 best hashtag practices for social media use.

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