Cryogenic Inventory Solutions (CIS) Brand Refresh, Website Design and Development

B2B Marketing in Healthcare, StrataBlue Sets the Stage.

CIS excelled at offering high-quality products and customer service to healthcare providers. However, their branding and website did not portray the qualities that set them apart. A desire to grow required a more sophisticated and refined brand image. As a B2B provider, they knew they needed help setting themselves apart from their competitors, and their brand and website needed upgrades, so they chose to team up with StrataBlue.

Who is CIS?

Refurbished Respiratory Equipment You Can Rely On

CIS buys, sells and repairs respiratory equipment for home healthcare providers across the U.S. Since 2016, they have been offering a comprehensive line of high-quality, refurbished products to home healthcare providers. Their core mission is to provide quality respiratory equipment, exceptional customer service, and to aid home healthcare providers with cost-savings by reducing the cost of respiratory products through improving their inventory management, while also providing the option of selling equipment back to CIS.

Standing Out Amongst the Competition

While CIS thrived upon the quality products and customer service they provided to healthcare facilities, their current brand and website weren’t demonstrating their expertise or providing a seamless, online customer experience. As a B2B business, they needed an expert to help them navigate the marketing waters. They needed a partner that approached their marketing from a lifecycle management and growth perspective, as well as an agency that could make the first stride from their initial needs into the digital and lead generation space. CIS came to StrataBlue seeking ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors with cohesive messaging and branding that rang true to their company values and core mission.

To full identify key issues with branding and messaging, StrataBlue conducted deep-dive branding exercises and extensive research that revealed several key issues:
  • Brand messaging lacked empathy and connection with target audiences
  • Brand message lacked authority and did not showcase CIS’s commitment or experience in being an industry leader
  • Brand messaging lacked cohesiveness
  • Website branding didn’t portray CIS’s personality or mission-oriented values
  • Website features and navigation were lacking, making the customer experience fall flat and resulting in less online consumer conversions

StrataBlue Paves the Way

After discovery sessions and research, StrataBlue compiled an overall branding and website strategy that provided solutions resulting in cohesive branding and messaging, a more navigable and consumer-friendly website, and an overall look and design to both social platforms and website that reflected CIS’s company personality.

Brand Foundations

  • Messaging Guide: 
    Story-based messaging that meets CIS customers where they are and solves their problems. This includes site copy, elevator pitch/one-liner, taglines, and key messaging points for various target audiences.
  • Customer Journey Report: 
    Detailed report for CIS to visualize the experience customers have when they connect with their products, service, staff, or marketing materials.
  • Brand Style Guide: 
    Document with brand specifics, including color palette, typography, icons, and more.
  • Custom Photography: 
    Custom photography for website plus photography standards notes included in the style guide.
  • Business Materials: 
    Print-ready logos, business cards, letterhead, & envelopes.

Website Redesign

  • Wireframes & UX Mapping:
    CIS knew how content would layout and how prospects and customers would navigate their site before any coding started.
  • Custom Website Copy: 
    We provided a single document with all of the copy for the website from headers and body copy, to confirmation messaging, and 401 pages.
  • Website Design & Custom Infographics: 
    High-quality, branded, custom website design with custom infographics to help tell the CIS story.
  • Custom Woo Commerce Integration with Imprezian 360 CRM: 
    The CIS website talks to their CRM so the team can sit back and let the site work for them.
  • Web Development in WordPress (Content Management System): 
    Our developers worked closely with the CIS team to plan and develop CIS’s new website from start to finish, including complex custom functions.