StrataBlue Delivers Real Conversions in the Security Space


When choosing StrataBlue as their full-service marketing agency, Hoosier Security didn’t just acquire a marketing partner, but instead an extension to their company’s marketing department that delivered them proven results and conversions in the security industry.


Hoosier security covers security projects from start to finish. They design, sell, install, and service custom-built HD security camera systems. While they serve the entire United States, they offer direct dispatch to Central Indiana and the surrounding Detroit, Michigan areas with headquarters in Indianapolis and Detroit. Hoosier Security’s sole mission is to provide high-quality security systems to commercial and industrial businesses and organizations. With a specialization in custom projects, they strive to offer innovative solutions for big security issues.


When Hoosier Security came to StrataBlue, they were frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approach that most marketing agencies offer. The leads that were brought in were expensive and low quality, with low lead-to-sale conversion rates. Marketing was attracting the wrong audience, at the wrong times, with the wrong messaging. They were missing the mark and feeling a disconnect with their prospective clients, and really lacking the presence they needed in the surrounding Detroit area. Their online web presence was disjointed and they needed to find a way to create cohesive messaging across the security space that accurately described who they are as a company, and the outstanding product they offered the commercial business space. Hoosier Securitycraved a partnership with an agency that understood the security industry and connected with their core company values


With determination to be the agency to serve real results, StrataBlue’s first step was immersing ourselves with their target personas and taking a deep dive into Hoosier Security’s differentiators. Our second step was to do an in-depth analysis of their marketing activities and study their online presence. After analyzing the research, our recommended plan was to begin cleaning up their website by increasing SEO. After their website was up to par, we then began the optimization of their paid media through google ads. Once optimization was complete, StrataBlue began managing Hoosier Security’sads and lead generation systems.


  • SEO Cleanup
  • Optimizing website performance & mobile usage
  • Improvement of Google ads performance
  • Implementation of a lead scoring system


  • Implementation of customer outreach surveys
  • Effective B2B email campaigns
  • Crafting the right messaging, at the right time, to specific audiences

“What they’ve accomplished in about three months is FAR AND ABOVE ANY experience we’ve had with any other marketing company out there,” said Armando Perez, President and General Manager of Hoosier Security. ” With StrataBlue, it’s like having an on-staff marketing officer which we’d never dream of doing at our size.”


Unlike most agencies, StrataBlue under-promised and over-delivered. Our website improvements resulted in a quicker and more navigable site experience, our media and ad optimizations resulted in an increase in quality, commercial industry leads, and our well-rounded marketing system and PR efforts have resulted in a greater presence in desired areas

  • 50% increase in Google Ads leads, resulting in commercial contracts.
  • 28% increase in overall website speed with elements populating 48% faster than before.
  • 10% increase in regular user traffic to the website.
  • Earned media coverage at major media outlets like Inside iN Business and DBusiness Magazine.
  • Brand presence is cleaner a more cohesive web presence in over 40 online listings.


IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS, StrataBlue increased Hoosier Security’s project and sales growth by nearly 10% and decreased their google ad spends cost per conversion by nearly 50% per lead! Can you envision the impact your business would have from proven results like these?

“These guys have earned my business and I consider them my marketing department. It’s taken a couple of months to start seeing results, which is quite good, but we are on our second 50+ camera lead that we would not have attracted without them. They’ve dropped my lead acquisition cost by half and increased our inbound leads by a little more than double.”