Transform Your Facebook Posts With Facebook Insights

After last week’s blog, I’m sure you are all experts with Facebook Insights, right?

The average Facebook user likes 40 Pages on Facebook, so how do you make your business stand out? I’m going to highlight some of the more important tabs and features to help make your posts more engaging. Sure, every bit of information with within Insights is important, but as a business owner you just do not have the time to continually analyze every bit of it. All I need from you is a small commitment of time every week to go over the information.

The first tab to pay particular attention to is the Posts tab. This tab gives you two bits of great information that will help you out. The first graph you see shows when your fans are online. Like I mentioned last week, this graph does not portray the number of people that see your posts but the total number of people who have liked your page and are most likely to engage with your content. Now you won’t find the exact perfect time to the minute to post, but it will give you a general sense of when you should be posting. For instance, if you are a restaurant or bar that is only open at night, you will quickly notice that if you post in the morning those posts will get lost throughout the course of the day.

Further down the page, you will also see a list of your most recent posts, what type of posts they are and the posts’ engagement levels. One thing you should take notice of is the time of each post. This information, along with the graph, will help you when determining when to be post. You will also get a good sense of what type of posts your fans enjoy the most, whether it’s a link, picture or just a few lines of information. We always recommend posting some type of media with each post; posts with images get the highest amount of engagement on Facebook (the perfect picture size is 800×600).

Another great tab to focus on is the People tab. Here you will get a good understanding of the demographics of your fans and the people who are engaging with your posts. Knowing the age group and sex of your most engaging fans will help you keep your posts tailored to those groups. Did you know that 66% of millennials (15-34 year olds) use Facebook? Unfortunately, you can’t assume that is the target age group on your Facebook Page, so check out your specific statistics.

These are two very valuable tools for you to better understand your fans, but don’t ignore the other four tabs. Facebook is continually making it easier for businesses to market on their Page and I will always be helping you understand how to get the most out of it.

Welcome to the New Facebook Page Insights

If you manage a Facebook Page for a business, you might have seen how the analytics have recently changed. While most people usually complain about Facebook changes, this is one change that is for the better! Facebook has stated that they changed their insights in order for Page Admins to better show how people interact with their Page and content. A better understanding of this information will help you make more engaging content for you fans!

Let’s first talk about the six new tabs you see when you go to your Facebook Page Insights: Overview, Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People. Let’s start from the left side with the Overview tab and make our way over.

The Overview tab shows you what’s been going on with your page over the last seven days. You get a quick view of how many Total Page Likes you have and the percentage that it is up or down from last week (hopefully the number is green). You also see your Post Reach and how it compares to last week’s posts. The third box shows how many people are Engaged with your Page.

The next tab is the Likes tab and we all know what a Like is by now, hopefully. One powerful tool they have added is “Where Your Likes Came From” graph. You can find out if people are liking your straight from your page, if it was suggested to them, if it was a mobile Like or if they liked your page because of someone else’s post about you.

The next tab is the Reach tab, which covers metrics that influence Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, including likes, comments and shares of posts. You can also check by week, month or quarter. When looking at any graph, you can click on a certain day or click your mouse and drag in across the graph to get numbers for a specific time period.

The Visits tab shows you where people came from and what they engaged with on you page. You can check out the number of times each of your Page tabs was viewed, the number of actions that people took that involved your Page (mentions, check-ins, offers, etc.) and what external referrers brought people to your Page.

The Posts tab shows you when your fans are online along withy Post Types and which posts your fans are most engaged with. If you are posting photos that are getting a lot of engagement and links/plain text that aren’t, you know you should start using more photos on your posts moving forward. The graph that shows when fans are online does not portray the number of fans that see your posts, but the total number of people who have liked your page and are most likely to consume your content.

The People tab gives you a run down of the demographics of your fans and where they are in the world. Two other important tabs in this section are the People Engaged tab and Check-in tab. The People Engaged tab is important because it shows you demographics of the people engaged on your Page, even if they haven’t Liked it. After 30 people have Checked-In on Facebook, you will also be able to see statistics which you previously couldn’t see.

This is just a brief introduction to the new Facebook Insights. Be sure to check back next week when we dive further into this valuable tool for you and your business.