Instagram Testing the Option to #FollowHashtags


Did you know? Instagram is testing a feature that will allow users to follow hashtags just like they do specific accounts and friends. Users can search industry-related hashtags and follow them to see related top posts and recent stories. There are a lot of reasons why I am particularly excited about this new feature that Instagram is testing. Now I know that these social apps are busting out updates left and right, but this new feature could save a lot of marketers a headache in the future and here’s why.

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Instagram Stories Now Offer Polling & Influencers are On It

Instagram Story Polling

Just to add fuel to the fire, here is another reason why influencers are one of the today’s top means of marketing. They are quick, they are on it, they are early adopters and they are adaptive as f***. They say that when it came to Instagram Stories, Influencers were quicker to adopt polling than brands were. Do you think this would be the case with most technological advances?

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Instagram Combats Hate

Instagram Combats Hate

It has become common nature to voice your opinions on social networks, whether they are nice comments or mean comments is another story. However, it might only be sunshine and butterflies from here on out as Instagram combats hate. Instagram is combatting the hateful and “toxic” comments with their new feature. This feature uses a filtering system to determine offensive comments and spam in nine different languages.

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The Social Media Competition

Social Media Competition

The social media competition is in its all-time prime. Snapchat and Instagram entered the market around the same time over 6 years ago. Since then, we have seen the never-ending competition between the two. One would think that Snapchat stories would be dominating Instagram because they “started it”. However, this is simply not the case. 

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Instagram’s Lack of Transparency

Instagram's Lack of Transparency

Instagram is an ideal platform for advertisers due to its lack of transparency and ability to provide native advertising. It can be difficult to differentiate between paid and unpaid content, especially when it comes to the vast number of influencers and sponsors. To be more honest and forthright with consumers, Instagram is testing a feature similar to Facebook’s.

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Maximize Your Brand Presence on Instagram

Marketing is no longer one size fits all for social content. Companies must approach each network with unique content and must be tailored to a target audience. Infographic and template wizards Venngage offer some tips for Instagram success that can be applied to any campaign in any industry.

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Leveraging Instagram to Boost Your B2B Brand

Leverage Instagram for B2B

Consider: 600 million monthly users, 300 million daily users, and 1.5 businesses worldwide. What do all these numbers reference? Instagram. In 2016. Instagram was used by 48.8% of brands – a number that is expected to rise to 70.7% by 2017.

Selfies, food images, and more flood Instagram news feeds daily. In this Millennial-driven world, Instagram would lend itself more to B2C brands, wouldn’t it? You’re not wrong, it does. According to Instagram, some of the industries that have found early success using its ads include “e-commerce, travel, entertainment, and retail.” But does that mean that B2B businesses can’t leverage Instagram? Absolutely not!

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2016 Social Media Predictions

social media

So you think you’ve got time to start planning for 2016? Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. Not anymore at least. It’s already December and 2016 is coming fast. There are always seemingly hundreds of predictions about the future of social media going into a new year. This year is no different. We know there’s no time to read them all, so we picked some of the most interesting and original predictions from Social Media Today’s top 30 predictions.

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Are You Seeing More Instagram Ads? It Was Planned

instagram ads

Facebook always has a plan. Whether we like it or not, Facebook always seems to be in control of our behaviors. When acquiring Instagram, the social media giant already had plans in place to begin brand advertising on the photo sharing app. Being a veteran player in the digital advertising game, Facebook knew exactly how to do so while minimizing the loss of users.

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Are Your Pictures Really Your Pictures?

If an image is uploaded to the internet, it doesn’t become public property. That’s common knowledge, especially in the business world. These lines seem to have gotten a bit fuzzy on social media though, especially on Instagram.

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