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Instagram Stories Now Offer Polling & Influencers are On It

Just to add fuel to the fire, here is another reason why influencers are one of the today’s top means of marketing. They are quick, they are on it, they are early adopters and they are adaptive as f***. They say that when it came to Instagram Stories, Influencers were quicker to adopt polling than brands were. Do you think this would be the case with most technological advances?

Instagram Stories now come with interactive stickers that give you the opportunity to poll your audience. The funny thing is though, we’ve seen influencers utilizing this new feature way before brands even realize it’s a thing. Influencers are quicker to find new ways to engage with their audience than brands are. Can brands become their own influencer? How can brands take this information about influencers and use it?

The influencer network, BlogLovin’posted an Instagram poll where 66% of respondents said they had tried polling. 87%  indicated if they haven’t used this feature yet, they intend to. However, BlogLovin’s respondents we’re all influencers.

Polling is a very useful feature that can help you determine what content to post. Ultimately, a poll is like a ‘like’.  When someone likes a photo they are giving you feedback on whether a photo or post is good or not. That’s all alike can really tell us, but with polls, we are getting actual feedback that can help a brands performance. In my personal opinion, a consumer feels better about answering a poll over liking a photo, because they are providing their personal opinion, which they think will be tailored into what the brand then chooses to do. This makes consumers feel closer and more trustworthy of brands.

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