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Facebook News Feed Preferences

I just stumbled across an Adweek article that opened my eyes to some features on Facebook I had no idea about. Facebook offers News Feed Preferences and has since 2015, yet not many know about this. The article was called “Facebook: Here’s How to See Who You’ve Unfollowed”… My first thought was “Why would I care to see things from people I’ve chosen to unfollow”. But, being that I work in media, I decided to follow the steps anyway and here is what I discovered.

You can see and control much more than the people you have unfollowed by following these instructions. Under News Feed Preferences you can:

  • Prioritize who to see first
  • Unfollow people to hide their posts (but stay friends)
  • Reconnect with people you unfollowed
  • Discover pages that match your interest
  • Turn On/Off Apps You want to or don’t want to see


All of these are helpful features because with Facebook’s algorithms it seems like sometimes what you see isn’t exactly the stuff that you’d want to see. By setting these preferences, you are helping Facebook show you things you want to see.

Recently, I had a friend come to me and ask why they couldn’t see all of their close friends’ stuff. I said, well the algorithms don’t think that you are interested in that person’s stuff. With these News Feed Preferences, you can go in and prioritize all your close friends and family to make sure that you never miss out on anything.

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