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BuzzFeed: Bridging the Gap Between Speed & Scale of Programmatic Ads

BuzzFeed is our favorite place to go for Tasty videos and quizzes and they’ve come up with a brilliant idea. They have the perfect follower base and steady reach to perfect native advertising (even though they are already the poster child of native). They even think they can come up with ads that people will actually like!  BuzzFeed is coming out with two new ad products. 

The first product integrates ad messages into their biggest hit. Quizzes! BuzzFeed will be working with advertisers to create single question, ‘mini’ quizzes in a weeks’ time frame and blast it out to its followers.

The second new ad product is the most promising. While intended for mostly larger brands with bigger budgets that advertise on TV, they just came up with Buzzcuts. They will take existing TV ads, as well as print ads, and create short videos or gifs with the material to be integrated into BuzzFeed socially infused site and apps.

The biggest goal is to bridge the gap between the speed and scale of “programmatic” ads and the craft of BuzzFeed’s typical sponsored content. One of the challenges BuzzFeed has faced is time. Making custom anything for anyone takes time and the company is working on creating a model for quick turnaround and efficiency.

“We really challenged our team, asking them, ‘can you and adapt and evolve assets from brands in a fast and creative way?'” said BuzzFeed CEO and founder Jonah Peretti. “And a huge component of that is also, how can we still use our expertise, and distribute that creative and still get the power of the BuzzFeed brand?'” You can read more about this story here.

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