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Snapchat Wants to Offer Businesses More – StrataBlue

The recent addition of Snap Map, the map feature that lets you share your location with friends in real-time is getting an addition of its own. Now Snapchat wants to offer businesses more by offering users more information on their friend’s locations

New Partnerships: FourSquare & Trip Advisor

Snap has partnered with a number of different companies, including Foursquare and TripAdvisor to connect information about the places where people take snaps. Users are opting to let Snapchat user their location when they submit a photo to a Public Our Story or by adding a special personal venue filter.

New Integrations: Uber, Lyft & Open Table

Users will also be able to link to other apps – Like Uber or Lyft to book a ride, or Open Table to make a reservation.

More Location Information:

Users will be able to access more information about shared locations by simply swiping up. Snapchat will share information with you including maps, menus, hours of operation, and customer reviews and ratings.

This could be a perfect integration ever or a good idea that just doesn’t work. This is supposed to add another stream of revenue into Snap’s pockets. These new swipe-up-for-more cards could give businesses a place to advertise, or offer users discounts or coupons to entice people to come in. Go ahead, update your app and check out this new update! Hopefully, Instagram doesn’t steal this within a matter of a week. Go Snapchat Go!!

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