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Google is Working on Keeping it Clean With Ad Filters

In an attempts to eliminate certain categories of ads, Google is introducing new ad filters. How are these filters powered? By machine learning of course, much like everything else today. Publishers can use these filters to block certain racist or spammy ads from their sites. Publishers have expressed their concern with certain ads they have seen on their site in the past.  

No more click-bate. Ads like appear sensational and tabloid-esque will be blocked. These ads may feature over the top characters talk about some fictitious story. Even though these ads aren’t always in violation, this will allow publishers to make sure all content features a more mature creative than click-bate has to offer.

No more risqué or racy ads. Machine learning technology has taught these filters to determine an image that is too risqué because on the amount of skin showing. All in all – Google is really just working on keeping their airspace as clean as possible.

Not only are there these two new filters, Google is also working on its own ad blocker with “funding choices”. This is a tool for publishers to communicate with people who have an ad blocker and are asked to either: One, be white-listed or added to a list of approved publishers who’s ads can bypass ad blockers or, Two, Ask users to pay to buy an ads-free pass.

So far Google has been white list rates up to 15% in the first case and up 30% in the second case. All of the loops and tunnels tells me that it will start to get harder to get your ads seen at all. Remember, keep it clean and keep it useful!

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