The End of Facebook’s ‘M’ Virtual Assistant is Just the Beginning

Virtual Assistant

Back in August of 2015, Facebook first announced the launched of its’ Virtual Assistant. Though not everyone has had the pleasure of testing the Virtual Assistant. As of April 2017, it has only been available to a select 10,000 users and from the looks of it, those are the only people who will ever know what the Virtual Assistant was capable of. As of 2018 Facebook has announced they are discontinuing the M project.

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Rouge Employee Deletes Trump’s Twitter

Trump's Twitter

American’s have mixed emotions about President Trump’s Twitter activity. Some think it’s empowering that Trump has found a platform where he can directly communicate with us in his own words. Others think that it is a disgrace, and by others I mean about 70% of voters, including one ex-Twitter employee. On Thursday, November 2nd a “Rouge”(in Trump’s words) Twitter employee decided that the last thing he would do before leaving Twitter was delete Trump’s Twitter account. 

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Facebook: ‘The Circle’ in Real Life

The Circle

If you haven’t seen The Circle in theaters yet, you’re about to see it in real life. Facebook is expanding again, except this time it’s not their social features, it’s their physical campus. Facebook has been at its current 430,000-square-foot headquarters in Menlo Park, California a little over two years now. Now, Facebook is building what it calls it’s “Willow Campus”, not just new office space.

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Intel Technology and The Olympic Games

Intel Technology and The Olympic Games

Intel technology and the Olympic Games have big news! Intel, an American multinational corporation and technology company just announced a worldwide top partnership through 2024 with the Olympic Games.  This will be a good opportunity for them to show off their newest technology. These technologies include virtual reality, 360-degree video, artificial intelligence, drones and more in hopes to enhance the high-profile sports event.

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WWDC 2017: What’s New With Apple


Apple is continually freshening their products. Their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, is their opportunity to showcase what’s new and exciting for them. This year, WWDC is hosted in San Jose, California from June 5-9. Here’s what new with Apple!

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Google I/O


Google I/O is an annual conference held in California that focuses on advancements in the tech industry. Developers from around the world come together for this conference, looking forward to the latest and greatest from tech. The conference has focused its sessions on Google’s AI capabilities and announcements. Keep reading to learn more!

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Despite A Growth In Users, Snap Reports A $2.2 Billion Loss In Q1


It’s been a rough ride for Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat. The company went public in March at $17 a share and has slowly increased, closing at $22.98 today. Despite growth in users, Snap reported a $2.2 billion loss in its Q1 earnings report. The loss goes to show that Snapchat has a long battle to fight in a crowded social media industry, especially against Twitter and Facebook. 

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Facebook Q1 Results

Facebook Q1

Facebook Q1 results prove yet again that they are the dominating social media platform with data to support it. Despite facing skepticism for fake news, copying Snapchat and much more, Facebook users have actually grown. It has increased its daily active users and monthly active users. 

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Don’t Open This Google Doc Invite From Your Gmail


When my co-worker forwarded me an email with a strange link that said “Open in Docs” I was intrigued. The link took me to a screen that asked me to log into my account and then proceeded to ask for permission to “read, send, delete, and manage your email” and also to “manage your contacts”. Ha! Why would I ever allow someone to manage my gmail? I deleted it immediately, but some people proceeded with allowing the phisher to have access. The link has been spread across the internet, affecting more than a million people.

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Staples Combats Loss of Sales With Rebranding


It’s no secret that the rise of the internet and e-commerce is slowing the growth of brick and mortar stores. Not staying relevant on where your customers are buying is leading to many companies closing stores or even declaring bankruptcy. But if you can prove that you can compete in the instant and nearly effortless competition of e-commerce, you may have a winner. Staples understands this shift in customer preferences and is launching a new marketing campaign to showcase what it can do outside of its brick and mortar stores. 

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