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Intel Technology and The Olympic Games

Intel Technology and The Olympic Games

Intel technology and the Olympic Games have big news! Intel, an American multinational corporation and technology company just announced a worldwide top partnership through 2024 with the Olympic Games.  This will be a good opportunity for them to show off their newest technology. These technologies include virtual reality, 360-degree video, artificial intelligence, drones and more in hopes to enhance the high-profile sports event.

Intel is a world leader in technology and this partnership will allow their products to be at the forefront for many years to come. At the moment, VR and AI are still just these things we keep hearing about. I know there is the VIVE, Oculus and PlayStation VR, but it hasn’t quite exploded yet or been available to the masses. Maybe this will be a turning point. They are planning on allowing the games to be offered by virtual reality into people’s homes so they can feel fully immersed in the experience. It is still uncertain, how they are going to accomplish this, maybe by 2020 most people will own some type of VR device.

This is truly an exciting opportunity for both Intel technology and the Olympic Games viewers. For starters, Intel is going to get a lot of publicity and credit for all that is to come at the games. The viewers are to expect the best Olympic show they have had the pleasure of watching before. Drone light shows, clearer demonstrations, more views and camera angles, as well as full body at-home immersion. This all sounds interesting and we can’t wait to see all that Intel technology and the Olympic Games has to offer in the upcoming years.

Congrats to Intel! It is exciting that these powerful technologies will be soon at our fingertips…or in our living rooms. It also leaves questions about what the future of advertising will be in the virtual world. Who is ready for the 2018 Olympic games to start? Learn more about Intel and its partnership with the Olympics in their media kit.

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