Build Your Audience – Tailoring Your Brand Message

“Are the blades any good? No, our blades are f**king great.” – Michael Dubin, CEO, Dollar Shave Club

With a simple, but clever and witty marketing techniques, Dollar Shave Club made waves disrupting the traditional way razors were bought and sold. With the launch of its first YouTube video in March of 2012, Dollar Shave Club propelled itself into the limelight to eventually be acquired by Unilever for around a billion dollars.

How did they do it? As Alec Brownstein, Dollar Shave Club’s executive director, stated, they “bit down on a human truth and didn’t let go.” They figured out exactly who their audience is and tailored a message that fed into their audience’s needs. Though there’s quite a broad audience that uses a razor – basically everyone – they focused that audience to the every-day man. The guy who’s straight up, has a witty sense of humor, and doesn’t like to wait around to get what he needs. They catered to every one of those needs and double-downed on them.

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Goodbye ‘Engagement Bait’, You Won’t be Missed

engagement bait

Facebook once again updates its algorithm. Now, it will give much less reach to posts that use “engagement bait” tactics. Engagement bait refers to any post that encourages users to vote, like or share a post. If you repeatedly share content like this, eventually all your posts will be “demoted”.

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Can Snapchat Keep Up?

Can SnapChat Keep Up

With Snapchat’s newest update, there are a lot of cool new features, but can Snapchat keep up? The app added a backdrop feature, voice filters, games, and outbound links! Snapchat is really going all out to keep up with its competitors.

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The Social Media Competition

Social Media Competition

The social media competition is in its all-time prime. Snapchat and Instagram entered the market around the same time over 6 years ago. Since then, we have seen the never-ending competition between the two. One would think that Snapchat stories would be dominating Instagram because they “started it”. However, this is simply not the case. 

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Instagram’s Lack of Transparency

Instagram's Lack of Transparency

Instagram is an ideal platform for advertisers due to its lack of transparency and ability to provide native advertising. It can be difficult to differentiate between paid and unpaid content, especially when it comes to the vast number of influencers and sponsors. To be more honest and forthright with consumers, Instagram is testing a feature similar to Facebook’s.

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The Pin Is Mightier Than The…Book?


Facebook’s competitors are not giving up without a fight. Everyone and their mother is rolling out new self-service portals and are starting to move away from larger minimum media buy that instantly turn off many SMB’s who would otherwise utilize the platform. They are all moving towards the mass audiences instead of the just the top 1% of ad buyers like (your McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, GE, Taco Bell, etc), they are doing this via self-service. So how do you get in on the self-service gold rush? I got you.

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Organic vs. Paid Reach

Organic vs. Paid Reach

Should your company be using organic or paid content to reach your social media objectives? Well, it depends on your marketing objective. Are you trying to engage your current audience or reach new users? While organic reach could have been possible a couple years ago, the algorithm changes on social media make organic reach success more difficult. Reach is not free anymore. 

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Comments vs. Likes

Measuring the number of likes tends to be a common way brands determine audience engagement. In fact, it does account for 99% of each brand’s engagement. However, it is important to not ignore the other 1% of engagement; comments.

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Create the Raving Fan

create the raving fan

Are you looking for more ways to engage your audience?  

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(good) Content is King

Have you ever been watching TV, and a commercial comes on, and you changed the channel just to avoid it? Or been listening to the radio and hear an ad begin to play then reflexively switched to your second favorite station? We are living in a world where we are constantly surrounded by advertisements, campaigns, digital marketing, and so on, all begging for the attention of consumers. The marketing industry is pretty much running the show in this day and age. Our customers are evolving with the marketing industry, though, and beginning to avoid a break from their entertainment at all costs. With the advent of this new skill, we need to learn how to create even better content, funny content. Content can’t compete these days unless it’s funny, according to the Hustle.