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Remembering Our Top 5 Christmas Ads

The holiday season is upon us once again, and brands have pulled out all the stops to spread some much-needed cheer and goodwill. This year’s crop of Christmas ads aimed to lift spirits in a challenging year, focusing on themes of togetherness, community, and hope. However, even with the new, exciting ads coming on our screens, we can’t help but remember some of our favorites from the past! Here are our top 5 picks for the most impactful Christmas ads: 

1. John Lewis: “Unexpected Guest”

John Lewis’ enchanting ad features a young boy who discovers an unexpected visitor – a curious fox – has made a den under his floorboards. At first apprehensive, the boy slowly befriends the fox and leaves snacks to share. On Christmas morning, the fox returns the kindness, leaving a gift to show that friendship can blossom in unexpected places.


2. Coca-Cola – “Holidays Are Coming” (1995)

It’s hard not to get into the holiday spirit when you see those iconic red trucks adorned with twinkling lights and playing the catchy jingle “Holidays are Coming”. This iconic ad from Coca-Cola has been airing since 1995 and has become synonymous with Christmas all around the world.

3. Apple – “Misunderstood” (2013)

In 2013, technology giant Apple surprised audiences with their emotional Christmas ad that showed a teenage boy using his iPhone to create a touching family video. The ad was a refreshing departure from the typical product-focused commercials and reminded us of the importance of family during the holidays.

 4. Hershey’s Kisses- “Christmas Bells” (1989)

Hershey’s has been using their classic Christmas theme with bells playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” since 1989. The simple yet effective ad has become a holiday tradition and continues to bring joy to viewers every year.

5. M&M’s- “Faint” (1996)

Who can forget the classic M&M’s ad where Santa faints upon seeing his cookies gone and finds out that it was the talking M&M’s who ate them? This humorous commercial has become a staple during the holiday season, reminding us to indulge in some delicious treats.

 As we eagerly await this year’s batch of Christmas ads, let’s take a moment to appreciate these timeless classics that have become a part of our holiday traditions. Get in touch with us and send us your favorite Christmas Ads! Happy holidays!