Snapchat Wants to Offer Businesses More – StrataBlue


The recent addition of Snap Map, the map feature that lets you share your location with friends in real-time is getting an addition of its own. Now Snapchat wants to offer businesses more by offering users more information on their friend’s locations

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Snapchat AR Brings Bitmojis to Life


As much as we enjoyed the dancing hot dog, I bet we enjoy our selfies even more! Snapchat’s latest augmented reality feature allows you to bring your personal Bitmoiji to life. Along with AR capabilities, Bitmoji is arguably one of Snapchat’s most popular features.

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Can Snapchat Keep Up?

Can SnapChat Keep Up

With Snapchat’s newest update, there are a lot of cool new features, but can Snapchat keep up? The app added a backdrop feature, voice filters, games, and outbound links! Snapchat is really going all out to keep up with its competitors.

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Snap Map: The Low-Down

Snap Map: The Low-Down

In the last week, Snapchat has introduced its new feature, Snap Map. In order to utilize this new feature, one must update their application so I’m sure not everyone has caught wind of these changes yet. There have already been some controversial comments made about the new feature, but at the same time, it is kind of cool. A lot of social media applications have location features, but nothing quite like Snap Map has been done before.

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The Social Media Competition

Social Media Competition

The social media competition is in its all-time prime. Snapchat and Instagram entered the market around the same time over 6 years ago. Since then, we have seen the never-ending competition between the two. One would think that Snapchat stories would be dominating Instagram because they “started it”. However, this is simply not the case. 

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What To Know About Snap’s IPO

Now you can own a piece of Snap! What started as three friends looking to create a fun way to share pictures has turned into a billion dollar company. Snap’s IPO was released today, March 2nd at a valuation of $24 billion at $17 per share. 

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Snapchat. The massive platform you’re missing out on.

Do you have social media FOMO? We’re here to help.

Let’s talk Snapchat –  the massive platform you are neglecting. They currently offer a few ways to get your message in front of the high demand, fast moving, 18-34 year old demographic. To monetize their 150 million strong daily user base, they have released a few options to let advertisers get messages out there. These options currently range from $5 to upwards of $750,000.

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The Year Of Snapchat

social media platform 2015

It’s no secret that Snapchat was the hottest topic of conversation in 2015. It saw tremendous growth in users, views, and advertising. It became part of users’ everyday lives and caused a panic when experiencing technical difficulties. As if that isn’t enough here is more proof that Snapchat was THE social media platform of 2015.

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2016 Social Media Predictions

social media

So you think you’ve got time to start planning for 2016? Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. Not anymore at least. It’s already December and 2016 is coming fast. There are always seemingly hundreds of predictions about the future of social media going into a new year. This year is no different. We know there’s no time to read them all, so we picked some of the most interesting and original predictions from Social Media Today’s top 30 predictions.

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Snapchat’s Advertising Troubles Solved

snapchat advertising

There have been 2 major issues with using Snapchat advertising. The first, how do you measure success? There’s no real metrics tying Snapchat advertisements to sales numbers, brand awareness, or any other type of metric. The second question is how to use it outside of the Discover feature. It looks like P&G might have the answer to both.

P&G is using Snapchat to drive in-store sales by creating location-based filters around each of Ulta’s stores. They’ve seen great success with this in the millennial generation. Additionally, they are able to measure their success from the sheer increase in traffic to stores after users are exposed to the geofilter.

Are more brands going to pick up on this idea?