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Can SnapChat Keep Up

Can Snapchat Keep Up?

With Snapchat’s newest update, there are a lot of cool new features, but can Snapchat keep up? The app added a backdrop feature, voice filters, games, and outbound links! Snapchat is really going all out to keep up with its competitors.

The backdrop feature adds illustrations to the background of your photos. This is like Snapchat’s geofilters but the design goes behind the objects instead of in front. How it works is you trace the images that you want to be the focal point and then select your illustration. Wala! There are a small number of backgrounds now but I am sure they will add more soon. 

We all know about the animal filters and voice animators, but now Snapchat has added voice filters that you can use without using one of the animal filters. It works by tapping the speaker icon after you record a video. It is simple and easy.

Snapchat has also added games to their filters. Right now, there is the “MEMO game”. This game is a face filter memory game. The downfall is the game is super easy and I am not sure why you would want to send your friends a video of you playing a game. It can, however, be entertaining to people who don’t have anyone to snap but want to play around.

The final and most unusual new feature to the Snapchat app is the ability to add outbound links to your snaps and conversations. They call this the “Paperclip” tool. This is something that was said to be requested by users and influencers. It seems like there are many new features that brands and influencers can play with on Snapchat. They can add their own custom backdrops, voice animators, games, and outbound links. The links will be especially helpful because users can click on their links to be taken to a website for easy purchase, something Snapchat has not been capable of doing before.

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