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Crack the Twitter Code

Crack the Twitter Code

Twitter can be a very powerful tool for brands, but it’s more technical than that. To crack the Twitter code, one must be more strategic. Twitter works by being immersed in cultural moments. The users make the cultural moments and the brands must be able to quickly and strategically insert themselves into those created moments.

Twitter isn’t a place for point-blank advertising, do this and try that. Twitter is a place to try to fit in and innovate off fitting in. Oreo did this successfully back in 2013. In the middle of a random power outage, they tweeted about “Dunking in the Dark” and it was a hit. Being immersed in the cultural moments is not the only way brands can be successful on Twitter.

If your connected and strategic enough you can, maybe create your own cultural moments. Wendy’s is one of the few brands that have been successful at creating viral cultural moments and hashtags. It makes sense that not many brands have created these phenomenal, twitter engaged moments because most of the time you must have a very large follower base. That is why it is best for brands to be strategic with the ideas and moments already there.

Success on Twitter, it turns out, is intentional rather than accidental, and the result of strategy rather than luck.”

This is an ideal platform to advertisers and brands because the whole idea behind using Twitter is discovery. This means that users are usually more open and receptive here compared to other social networks. Adweek provides a few Twitter data points:

  •  50 perfect of Twitter users follow brands
  • 45 percent more likely to post opinions about brands here compared to other platforms
  • 41 percent provide opinions about products or services
  • 31 percent more likely than other social media users to convince others of their opinions
  • Twitter drives 2 times the brand favorability of the same ads on TV


Don’t worry, there are more ways to get your message out there on Twitter than just 140 characters. For instance, Twitter offers one of the best live video features. In just the first quarter of 2017, there were over 45 million people who watched live videos on Twitter globally. 55 percent of those viewers are under the age of 25.

There is also a feature called Moments. In the age of story-telling, Moments is the perfect tool. It allows you to create ongoing events and narratives. This is interactive and will keep people coming back to find out what’s next. So, there you have it, Twitter is a very powerful tool for brands. If you want to be successful on Twitter all you should do is be strategic and plan, plan, plan, and you’ll crack the Twitter code.

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