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The Year Of Snapchat

It’s no secret that Snapchat was the hottest topic of conversation in 2015. It saw tremendous growth in users, views, and advertising. It became part of users’ everyday lives and caused a panic when experiencing technical difficulties. As if that isn’t enough here is more proof that Snapchat was THE social media platform of 2015.

  1. Video views. In October, Snapchat was at 4 million daily video views. Not bad, but recently released stats now puts that number at 6 BILLION video views every day. As if this huge jump wasn’t good enough, it also means that Snapchat is catching up to Facebook’s 8 billion daily video views. Watch out Facebook.
  2. Publishers are dedicated. Believe it or not, Discover has only been around since January. When Snapchat released the news, people questioned its success. But, it has proven itself and now, many publishers have individuals and team dedicated to creating brand new content for the platform daily. And Snapchat plans to expand Discover even more.
  3. Ads. Much of what is in the news about Snapchat deals with its advertising…or lack thereof. After asking $750,000 for short-lived ads, Snapchat decided to restructure their ad process. Now, a 10-second video ad sells for 2 cents per view. Also, the platform has expanded advertising opportunities to include sponsored lens, and more!
  4. Making vertical cool. Marketers and everyone else in the world have usually thought of vertical videos as being less official. But now, thanks to Snapchat, this perception has changed and people are taking vertical videos much more seriously. It’s almost the new normal. According to the platform, vertical videos are nine times more likely to be watched until the end than horizontal videos. Way to go, Snapchat!

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for Snapchat.