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The Social Media Site You’ve All Been Waiting For

Whether or not you like politics, you’re bound to know what’s going on at all times, especially now with the presidential race in full swing. As if the TV news channels, the newspaper, and websites weren’t enough, you also have those certain Facebook friends posting nonstop, forcing their views on their friends. We get it. You don’t agree with Donald Trump. Now please stop telling us all. Finally, someone has created a social media site just for these political postings and we couldn’t be more excited.

The idea behind Roust is for all political conversations to be moved off of other social media sites and had solely on one. Not only does this free our newsfeeds from seeing our ex-college roommate’s sister’s friend’s mom’s political thoughts, but it lets those politic-lovers have debates without judgment or snide comments from people who just don’t care.

Hopefully this will mean fewer political postings on my newsfeed.