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Snapchat AR Brings Bitmojis to Life

As much as we enjoyed the dancing hot dog, I bet we enjoy our selfies even more! Snapchat’s latest augmented reality feature allows you to bring your personal Bitmoiji to life. Along with AR capabilities, Bitmoji is arguably one of Snapchat’s most popular features.

@Sierianagrande re-energizes after her morning coffee

As of Thursday, if you update your Snapchat app, this new feature is available to you. You can now project your cartoon into any environment through the app’s camera. Even though everyone says that Snapchat is dying, other tech companies are trying to implement AR like Snapchat has and they aren’t quite up to par. Facebook and Instagram are starting to come out with similar AR technology with face distorting masks. Also, Apple announced that its new iPhone will offer AR technology.

The new animated Bitmoji AR is honestly super fun and if you deny so than you aren’t human. As you can see my Bitmoji did a face dive into the couch during my morning yoga sesh this morning. What could be more fun and more accurate? In order to use, all you have to do is open the front facing camera on Snapchat and press and hold anywhere on the screen. There you will see all the different animation options for your Bitmoji, and we all know they will come out with more options daily, just like they do their filters.

Bitmoji offers Snapchat a definite advantage. I recently learned that Snapchat actually bought Bitmoji for $64 million almost 18 months ago. They had a good integration because I really thought that Bitmoji was originally part of Snapchat and it wasn’t. Recode makes a good point, “Facebook and Apple can create fun reality masks like Snapchat did, but neither company has a database of user avatars to dig into.”

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