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Whoa Google, Those are Some Big Promises

Google just let out a teaser video and we don’t know what to think. It’s a little ominous if you ask me. The ad sheds no light on what kind of phone this is going to be. But, after some simple Google browsing, I was able to determine Oct. 4 marks the release date for the new Google Pixel 2. Check out Google’s recent video ad below.


Now a new phone launch is one thing, but this is different. We’ve seen the hype over new phones in the past, heck we’re in the middle of an iPhone X boom, which could even be the reason for this. But, Google is making some pretty big promises in its ad of the Pixel 2.

  • What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?
  • Why is my phone always out of storage?
  • Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?
  • Why doesn’t my phone understand me?
  • Why can’t my phone update itself?
  • Why is my smartphone so slow / hot / fragile / annoying / broken / cruel / impersonal / dumb?

This video is insinuating that Google’s Pixel 2 will not have the same battery problems. It will not have the same storage problems. It will not take blurry photos. It will understand you. It will update itself. It will be fast, won’t overheat, more durable, def not annoying, won’t break, will be nice, personal and smart? Holy crap Google, that’s a lot. What are you trying to do?

Either the Pixel 2 is going to be some new super phone or it will be slightly better than others with still the same problems. I am very interested to see how this phone functions on Oct 4th. Do you think Google’s new phone will be awesome or are you calling bull?

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