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Facebook: ‘The Circle’ in Real Life

If you haven’t seen The Circle in theaters yet, you’re about to see it in real life. Facebook is expanding again, except this time it’s not their social features, it’s their physical campus. Facebook has been at its current 430,000-square-foot headquarters in Menlo Park, California a little over two years now. Now, Facebook is building what it calls it’s “Willow Campus”, not just new office space.

The “Willow Campus” will most likely contain:

  • A strip mall
  • A condo complex
  • A grocery store
  • A pharmacy
  • 1,500 housing units
  • 125,000-square-feet of retail space
  • 1.75 Million square feet of office space
  • A Transit Center

Facebook’s “Willow Campus” will, of course, be located directly behind their existing headquarters. They have stated that a lot of these amenities will be done by 2021. This structure will basically be a Facebook-owned city for employees and the public. They are aiming to improve the Bay Area.

All in all, this is pretty insane and it’s not just Facebook. Apple recently opened their own city-like structure, called Apple Park. So, if you haven’t seen the circle yet, go watch it now. What do you think about Facebook creating its own city? Look at this video Facebook put out to illustrate their ideas.

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