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Rouge Employee Deletes Trump’s Twitter

American’s have mixed emotions about President Trump’s Twitter activity. Some think it’s empowering that Trump has found a platform where he can directly communicate with us in his own words. Others think that it is a disgrace, and by others I mean about 70% of voters, including one ex-Twitter employee. On Thursday, November 2nd a “Rouge”(in Trump’s words) Twitter employee decided that the last thing he would do before leaving Twitter was delete Trump’s Twitter account. 

Not surprisingly, people noticed right away and Twitter reactivated his account only 11 minutes after it’s deletion; however, it took an investigation to discover the true cause. For those 11 minutes, one could say Vice President Mike Pence was the President of Twitter in the absence of an official POTUS account. President Trump’s Twitter account is one of the most active and engaged accounts on the platform. In fact if you go to his account you will see the numbers of favorites, comments, and retweets increasing right before your eyes.

Of course, Trump took to twitter right away to share what had happened with America. See his tweet below. Twitter is monitoring his account more closely now, but this doesn’t change an alarming fact about all this, that a single Twitter employee has access to do this. This happening certainly increases suspicions when it comes to interference and censorship on social platforms, which is on the top of American’s minds today.

You can read more details on this matter here including statements from Twitter and a string of memes making light of the matter. Personally, I am glad Trump’s account was recovered. I think it would feel weird without Trumps constant tweeting. We’re all used to it now. Last but not least, covfefe.

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