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Google & Facebook Dominate US Ad Share Market

This shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone, but now that the numbers are released we can clearly see the duopoly forming between Facebook and Google. Digital Context Next shared a chart showing the drastic increase in Google and Facebook’s ad share from 2004 to now. In 2017, Google and Facebook own between 60% and 70% of the total US ad share market. Google is the master of paid search and Facebook is the master of display. Together, they are the taking over the digital advertising sphere. 


  • Google’s organic ad revenue averaged 20% growth for 31 quarters straight & grew 22% in Q3 2017
  • Facebook ad revenue grows 49% YOY
  • Facebook’s mobile ad revenue $8.9 billion Q3 2017 – up 58% from 2016
  • Facebook’s mobile ad revenue accounts for 88% of its total ad revenue
  • In Q3 2017 Facebook’s cost per ad rose 35% & impressions served increased 10%
  • Daily active users in Q3 2017 reached 1.37 billion – up 16%
  • Facebook estimates it has more than 6 million active advertisers
  • Instagram has more then 2 million active advertisers
  • Q3 2017 total ad revenue = $10.3 billion

These numbers are huge! History has showed us the downside of conglomerations, will this be any different?Share your thoughts on the rising duopoly between Facebook and Google.

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