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Stop Motion

Instagram’s Latest Video Features: Stop Motion & SuperZoom

Facebook and Instagram are on the leading edge when it comes to fun and captivating new video features. Boomerang took us by storm, but that’s old news now. Instagram is coming out with an array of new video tools including SuperZoom and  “Stop Motion” videos.

Stop Motion

This Stop Motion feature takes series of photos and strings them together. This makes a video appear kind of like a flip book. Or, you know Claymation? Well, it’s the same idea. You can also add filters, stickers, and text to these just like regular Instagram stories too enhance these videos even more. Up until now, you would have to download Flipagram to create a stop motion video to share with Instagram. But soon you will be able to do so through the Instagram app itself. See examples here!


The SuperZoom feature is pretty easy to understand and use. It is basically a video seamlessly zooming in close on the desired object. All you have to do is Open your Instagram camera, at the bottom of the screen, scroll to the right, stop on Superzoom. Point the camera at your desired object and wala! The hard work is done for you. This feature really makes it easy to create zoom videos whereas, in the past, you would have to use both fingers to zoom and hold down the camera button at the same time. It was possible but not good quality doing it that way.

Instagram says its goal is originality. We know as well as you do that Instagram has been kind of a SnapChat copy-cat. I guess you can call this feature an Instagram original; however, some would argue that Stop Motion has been around for a while…so it Maybe a little lacking of originality. I don’t know about you, but I am excited to start making some fun creations with this (particularly of my cat doing silly things). With Instagram stories taking off these are both features that are sure to entertain your audience.

If you are a brand or advertiser, a word of advice would be to start utilizing these features before the next ones come out!

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