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Social Media Censorship: What happened to Free Speech?

Have you ever watched a video or read an article one day, try to find it the next and it’s gone? I have. There is a recent trend of social media giants censoring and deleting content. It makes sense to delete racy and inappropriate materials, but this is not the case. The non-profit conservative educational organization, Prager University is finally doing something about this censorship and has sued Google. YouTube has made it so Prager University’s videos are not seen by certain groups of people due to their conservative stance and they are not going to take it.

It’s not just YouTube and it’s not just Prager University. Censorship is happening all around us on Facebook and every other major social platform. The kicker is you don’t even know it because if the content never makes it to your screen, how could you be aware of its existence in the first place? Now, what is their agenda? who really knows… What I do know is that the algorithms are in place to keep us in echo chambers and I am happy to see an organization standing up for itself.

“Google/YouTube regulate and censor speech as if the laws governing free speech and commerce do not apply to it,” say’s Prager U. “Defendants believe they have unfettered, unbridled, and unrestricted power to censor speech or discriminate against public speakers at their whim for any reason, including their animus towards and political viewpoints of their public users and providers of video content.”

I understand why in the past judges ruled that these platforms had full control over the content they wanted on their site. But, that’s old news. If a platform gets’s as huge as Google, Facebook, and YouTube have, to the point where it is providing the public with the news, then that platform better be in it for the people? They better be upholding user’s rights to free speech on the platform. Let me know your thoughts on the subject! Are you as outraged as I am?

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