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Salesforce is Making a Momentous Push into Advertising

At SalesForce’s recent Dreamforce Convention, they announced they will be partnering with Google Analytics and combining their data pools. This will allow marketers to have access to stats from both platforms. This is the first time that Google Analytics will be deeply integrated into a CRM system. This allows SalesForce to move into advertising by being able to offer consumers the option to purchase ads based on how users respond to email, SMS, and push notifications.


This partnership eliminates issues we’ve seen in the past where marketers would workaround issues to see both pools of data, it is much simpler now. However, this partnership doesn’t make things super easy off that bat. There is more to this merger than just making things easier, it will require intelligent communication and keen observation on what creatives to use, as well as, to know when less is more. Ultimately, SalesForce needs data experts and people who really know what they are doing.

According to AdWeek, SalesForce is working with Google’s cloud infrastructure to help expand its services; They have also been working with Amazon Web Services as a preferred cloud provider.“This alliance shows how aggressively Google is aiming right for AWS where it hurts—hosting infrastructure for some of the largest Software as a Service properties,” he said. “The combination of Salesforce and Google is not enough on its own to challenge AWS’s leadership position in cloud computing, especially since Salesforce also hosts part of its infrastructure on AWS, but this is certainly Google’s attempt to slow down the existing AWS and Salesforce partnership.”

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