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Facebook Community Boost: Making Their Mission a Reality

Facebook’s mission has been to make the world more open and connected. Seeing that much of the world’s communication is in the digital realm, this can leave people who are unfamiliar with digital behind. Facebook is going around and teaching communities about how to use Facebook and other digital tools, in efforts to connect the world. Facebook’s Community Boost team plans to visit 30 US cities by the end of 2018.

People are questioning the motives around why Facebook is planning their community outreach amidst much speculation of political interference. It might just be a way for them to show people the complications of the platform so people don’t blame them again in the future for interference. The main focus of this program is not to teach, however, it is to create jobs and create people who are more prepared for those jobs.

“62% percent of US small businesses using Facebook said having digital or social media skills is an important factor in their hiring decisions — even more important than where a candidate went to school.”

We won’t really know why Facebook is doing this, some guess a future Mark Zuckerburg presidential campaign, and community outreach certainly helps with that. During Facebook’s Community events in 2018, they plan to provide training on:

  • Digital and Social Media
  • How to use Technology to Turn an Idea into a Business
  • How Your Business Can Expand its Digital Footprint & Find New Customers from Around the Globe
  • Digital Literacy and Online Safety
  • How Technology can bring people together



Whoa. These sound like courses straight out of a college course catalogue. This really get us wondering how they plan on doing this. How long will Facebook be working with each of these 30 cities? We will just have to wait and see. If you want Facebook to come to your city or just want to see a list of where Facebook is going in 2018 you can do so here.

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