Rouge Employee Deletes Trump’s Twitter

Trump's Twitter

American’s have mixed emotions about President Trump’s Twitter activity. Some think it’s empowering that Trump has found a platform where he can directly communicate with us in his own words. Others think that it is a disgrace, and by others I mean about 70% of voters, including one ex-Twitter employee. On Thursday, November 2nd a “Rouge”(in Trump’s words) Twitter employee decided that the last thing he would do before leaving Twitter was delete Trump’s Twitter account. 

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Don’t Open This Google Doc Invite From Your Gmail


When my co-worker forwarded me an email with a strange link that said “Open in Docs” I was intrigued. The link took me to a screen that asked me to log into my account and then proceeded to ask for permission to “read, send, delete, and manage your email” and also to “manage your contacts”. Ha! Why would I ever allow someone to manage my gmail? I deleted it immediately, but some people proceeded with allowing the phisher to have access. The link has been spread across the internet, affecting more than a million people.

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How the Coalition for Better Ads is Looking to Improve User Experience

coalition for better ads

In the latest Ad Industry news, big players are finding a strategy to kill off digital ads that consumers hate. While the Coalition for Better Ads believes this will help improve consumer experience, there are concerns with adopting ad blockers.

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Can United Airlines Recover From PR Nightmares?

United Airlines

If you haven’t seen something in the news related to United Airlines, I would be surprised. The airline has been talked about at least three separate times in the past few weeks, and not in a good way. United’s PR department must be pretty busy defending themselves to the press. Here’s the scoop on what has happened.

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