Learn About Social Media Tools & Tips with Julie Perry

Julie Perry DMIQ Webinar and Indy Smartups Presentation

StrataBlue’s Director of Digital Media Marketing, Julie Perry, has two speaking engagements on social marketing topics next week, both on Tuesday, December 16th. One is live and one is virtual, but the thing they both have in common is that they fall on a very special day for this digital marketing maven: Dec 16th is also her 40th birthday. (Happy birthday, Julie!)

Direct Marketing IQ Teams Up with StrataBlue and Act-On Software to Present Social Media Marketing Tips

If you don’t live in or near Indianapolis, you can join Julie for an online webinar with Direct Marketing IQ — a company associated with Target Market Magazine.

Here’s the scoop:

Direct Marketing IQ Logo - DMIQ

DMIQ Webinar - StrataBlue Act-On - Julie Perry - Paige Musto - Melissa Ward

  • What: Aligning Your Social Media Strategies with Your Other Channels Webinar — part of the Direct Marketing IQ “Brunch and Learn” Series
  • Who: Julie Perry of StrataBlue and Paige Musto, Director of Communications at Act-On Software — a marketing automation software platform. Direct Marketing IQ’s Senior Content Editor, Melissa Ward, will moderate.
  • When: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT
  • Duration/Cost: 45 minutes/FREE
  • Where: Register now to attend online!
  • What topics will be covered:

As of January 2014, 74 percent of Internet users are active on social networks, according to Pew Research. That percent, which has surely grown over the past 12 months, proves that social media is not a channel marketers can ignore. But how do you coordinate social strategies with the other channels you market in? Digital marketing expert Julie Perry will answer this question and more.

In this fast-paced webinar over your lunch hour, you’ll learn how to blend social media marketing strategies with your existing outbound and direct marketing campaigns to:

*  Amp up your direct mail campaigns by bringing prospects online and engaging them with sharable content.
*  Give your online marketing efforts a boost by amplifying killer content and special offers on LinkedIn.
*  Maximize your next tradeshow or networking event by harnessing the power of Twitter and Twitter Lists.
*  Grow your email list and increase brand engagement with social media contests.

Following Julie’s presentation, Paige Musto of Act-On will share a 5-minute case study titled “Social Media Strategies to Drive Website Leads.”

Indy Smartups Brings in Douglas Karr, Kevin Mullett and Julie Perry to Create the Ultimate Startup Marketing Toolkit

If you ARE based in the Indianapolis area, you don’t want to miss this month’s Indy Smartups Meeting!

Here’s the scoop:

Indy Smartups Logo

  • What: Creating the Ultimate Startup Marketing Toolkit – December Indy Smartups Meet-up
  • Who: Douglas Karr of DK New Media and Marketing Tech Blog; Kevin Mullet Director of Visibility and Social Media at Cirrus ABS, and Julie Perry of StrataBlue
  • When: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 @ 6:00 PM
  • Duration/Cost: See schedule further below; usually wraps by 8PM/Cost is FREE and beer & food available
  • Where: The Speak Easy: 5255 Winthrop Avenue, Indianapolis, IN (map)
  • What topics will be covered:

All of use tools in our online marketing. Whether its ad platforms, research tools, monitoring systems, email and CRM service providers, or even social networks, the list of marketing tools is evolving all the time. Well, Indy Smartups wants to create the “Ultimate Startup Marketing Toolkit for Smartups,” and to do that, they are bringing in some experts to help lead the group discussion.

Even before that though, registrants for this event are going to fill out a survey at sign in order to add their recommendations. And then, on Tuesday evening, December 16th, Douglas Karr, who runs the Marketing Tech Blog and is the king of all things relating to marketing tools, will lead a discussion with Julie Perry and Kevin Mullett, Director of Visibility and Social Media at Cirrus ABS, on the pros and cons of the popular tools, how to use them and the obscure tools you don’t know about that can help your startup. It’s going to be a great night…Don’t miss it!

There will be free beer and free food (provided by Nameless Catering) – and, as always, free knowledge will be freely dispensed.

What’s the schedule?

*  6:00 – We kick things off with food and a beverage.
*  6:20 – Doug Karr leads discussion on marketing tools.
*  7:20ish – Workshop: What’s in your startup toolkit?
*  7:45ish – Eat, drink and mingle.

More About Indy Smartups

Indy Smartups is for anyone in Indianapolis interested in or working on marketing for startups. It’s the place to be for meeting and learning from other Indy entrepreneurs and marketers. Whether you’ve founded a startup or market at a startup, you’re bound to take away valuable tips, meet new people, and have a good time at our monthly meetup. So join us and find out how to take startup marketing to the smartups level!

There’s a lot of learning ahead of you with regard to social media tactics and tools if you choose to take the path. Be sure to catch our knowledgeable digital-media marketing director, Julie Perry, at one (or both!) of these information-packed events next Tuesday, December 16th! Our team learns a ton from her 13 years’ experience helping brands of all sizes decide where to go next on their digital journey. Now it’s your turn.

Gamification: Making Your Social Media Strategy Invincible

I love games and gamification. As a nerd, I’ve had a console controller in my chubby little hands since birth.

There are actually quite a few benefits to playing games. According to the American Psychological Association, video games can actually help with problem-solving and learning. It’s also been proven that playing Tetris can curb cravings for food and cigarettes.

Millennials play a lot of games, so it’s no surprise that various organizations and brands have tried to capitalize on this. Does anyone remember those slightly unsettling Burger King video games? The process of using gaming elements in other environments is commonly referred to as gamification. It’s been used to reach students in schools and tutoring programs. Companies like SAP have also used gamification in their training materials.

gamification, content strategy, marketing strategy

Tetris can help your social media strategy!

How does all of this relate to your marketing strategy in social media? The principles of gamification can easily be implemented into any content strategy plan to garner amazing results. Here are a few common examples of gamification done right.

Comment Ranking is one of the simplest ways to add gaming concepts to your content. Made popular by sites like Huffington Post and Reddit, comment ranking allows users to vote for the best comments on an article or page. Users who comment often or for extended periods become veterans or super users. This ranking system can easily be added to any WordPress page and will give your users a sense of competition and fulfillment when interacting with your blog or website.

Quizzes have become a large part of our social media landscape thanks to sites like Buzzfeed. Quizzes are not new to the internet, but their popularity continues because they allow users to discover and explore in order to gain more data. Quizzes are also helpful to web traffic for the brands that use them. These quizzes can easily be added to a brand’s Facebook page or website. They can also be used to acquire emails from potential customers.

Facebook Games started small on the social media site, but the addition of Farmville dramatically altered the field. Now, a large part of Facebook is devoted to these games. Facebook games are popular due to their innate fun, but also due to their social features. Facebook players can easily share their scores, trade game items with others and invite friends to play with them. Social features make these games quite attractive to players.

Pins fulfill a need many gamers have to complete tasks and earn reputation. Perhaps the greatest example of pinning in social media is Foursquare’s extensive badges. Foursquare users can gain badges for visiting beer breweries or completing a certain number of check-ins. Brands can easily create badges for their customers through Foursquare’s advertising platform.

What gamification elements do you use on social media? Have you tried any of these systems for your own brands? Please tell us about it below!

Helpful Hints for Social Media Success

Have you ever used a social media platform and thought to yourself, “I know a way this could be improved?” Chances are, you have ideas on how to enhance the networks you use and make them more user-friendly. Take Twitter and Facebook for instance. How many times have you heard people say they want a “don’t like” button as an option?

Today, I’ll give you three examples of where Twitter and Facebook could improve their sites for better user functionality and an alternate solution.

Quote Tweet on Desktop

If you happen to have the Twitter app on your mobile device, you’ve probably seen the “Quote Tweet” option when going to retweet something. This option allows you to include the retweet as well as your reply to it in one tweet. But have you noticed that this option isn’t available on the web version of Twitter? Most people simply retweet things they find interesting, and while that’s great, you can’t add your two cents in! Sometimes you want to let your audience know why you thought it was retweet-worthy or add in your opinion.

Instead of going the easy route and hitting the retweet button, take a few minutes to do it the long way. Copy the entire tweet, including the Twitter username of the person who sent it and paste it into the text box wherever you normally tweet. Delete the user’s name and any unessential characters that came over when you copied and pasted. Type “RT @____” at the very front of the tweet and then your own text before that.


Scroll to Top

You’re on Twitter or Facebook and you’re scrolling through the posts, reading it like its your morning paper. About 33% of young adults get news from social media networks the day before it is talked about on the TV news or in the newspaper. Before you know it, you’re a few pages down while scrolling and reading, but you want to get back to the top. Since neither Facebook nor Twitter have a “Scroll to Top” button, luckily there is an extension for that!

Scroll to Top Button is an extension for Google Chrome and Safari which allows you to quickly jump back to the top of any page! Once you scroll far enough down on a page, the button will appear in the top right corner. Click it and you will be taken to the very top in no time! This extension works on all websites, so it’s better to get this than wait for a website to integrate it.

Poll Your Followers

Facebook used to have an option that allowed you to poll those who liked your Facebook Page, but the Facebook team has gotten rid of it. Instead, they have added something even better which many people don’t know about: the Facebook Poll Extension. The poll extensions lets you ask free-form or multiple choice questions with images and videos. There are an unlimited number of questions and answers, but some options may require payment. You can later analyze the results with tables, charts and graphs and export it all to Excel. They offer a free basic version or an unlimited premium, which starts at only $4 per month. Check out this video about the app:

Ever run into something you wished your favorite social media site would incorporate? LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram have been making a few changes but we would love to hear what you would suggest! Connect with us in the comments below.