Twitter Advertising Guide Part 2: Website Clicks or Conversions

In Part 1 of my Twitter Advertising Guide I discussed the how-tos for creating a Follower Acquisition Campaign and a Tweet Engagement Campaign. In this sequel, I will be covering the coveted Website Clicks or Conversions objective within Twitter Ads campaign tool. In other words, how to use Twitter Ads to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase website conversions.

Getting Started

A Twitter Website Clicks or Conversions objective is geared toward connecting users with your website and driving traffic. Within the advertising campaign tool, you are given the options to create a Website Card, create a simple Promoted-Only Tweet or simply choose an existing Tweet. The choice is up to you, but keep the following in mind when choosing:

  • Website Card: Add extra content that enhances your Tweet. It’s made up of an image, button and link. Cards improve campaign performance, because each element helps link to your website. Website cards also give you the option to choose a call to action (CTA). Those CTAs include: Read More, Shop Now, View Now, Visit Now, Book Now, Learn More, Play Now, Bet Now, Donate, Apply Here, Quote Here, Order Now and Book Tickets.
  • Promoted-Only Tweet: These tweets will not show up on your public timeline and will NOT post to your followers, unless of course if you target them.
  • Existing Tweet: This campaign style allows you to select a tweet from your timeline to promote.
StrataBlue Twitter Ads

Start here to create your Twitter Promoted Tweets within the ad campaign management tool.

TIP: When creating your tweets from scratch, I recommend choosing at least three different tweets. Even a combination of Website Cards, Promoted-Only and Existing Tweets works well to diversify for more effective results. I also suggest using different photos to go along with 3 Website Cards for the campaign.

Finally, the most important thing to remember when creating a Website Click or Conversions campaign is to include the URL to which you would like to drive traffic. Without this URL you will not see any performance.


After you have completed the content for your Tweet(s), you can now select how you want to target your ad. Choose from the following criteria:

  • Location: Here you can enter countries, states/regions, metro areas or postal codes.
  • Gender: Obvious.
  • Languages: Select a language to target.
  • Devices and Platforms: Choose from several different digital platforms and devices on which you would like your tweet(s) to appear.

Additional targeting criteria options include:

  • Interests: Choose from interest categories that are similar to those of your target audience.
  • Keywords: Reach people that might be associated with similar keywords related to your promoted tweet.
  • Followers: Select specific Twitter accounts with followers that would have similar interests to your target audience.
  • Television: Target people who follow specific TV shows. This is great for tweeting during TV show finales, premieres, award shows, sports games and more.
  • Tailored Audiences: For this, you will need to use a third-party system through which you can upload lists or use code to collect information about your website visitors. More information is below.

The last part in targeting is to choose whether or not you would like the Promoted Tweet to appear on the Users’ timeline on their homepage.

More on Tailored Audiences

Tailored audiences uses three data types to create audience targets: Twitter IDs, email addresses or other customer data, and website cookie IDs. Here is more of what those entail:

  • Twitter IDs: Compile custom groups of Twitter users.
  • Email Addresses: Reach customers who have given your their contact information via email service providers like MailChimp or CRM software such as Salesforce
  • Cookie IDs: Target users who have visited your website. You must first place a tag on your site and work through a third-party ad partner to use this type. This tag will allow you to remarket to Twitter users.

Following is a list of the third-party services and ad partners currently associated with each information category above:

  • Twitter IDs Ad Service Options: AdParlor, Brand Networks, SHIFT, SocialCode, and Unified.
  • Email Address & CRM Partners: Acxiom, AdParlor, Brand Networks, Datalogix, Epsilon, ExactTarget, LiveRamp, MailChimp, Merkle, Salesforce, SHIFT, SocialCode, and Unified. Note that by connecting to their Twitter account, MailChimp users can upload their lists directly, bypassing the need for third-party ad partner intervention.
  • Cookie IDs Ad Service Options: Adara, AdRoll, BlueKai, Chango, Conversant, DataXu, Dstillery, Lotame, MediaMath, Perfect Audience, and Quantcast.

TIP: Of the list of Cookie ID remarketing ad partners, our preferred vendor is AdRoll. In our experience, only AdRoll currently offers pricing suited to small businesses.


Website Cards are priced at a cost per click (CPC) method. This means that you will only play if someone clicks over to your website.

Twitter asks you to set a daily and total budget per campaign. So the good news here is that Twitter will never charge you more than what you want to pay. Suggestions from Twitter will also be given as you set budgets for your campaigns. This offers a user-friendly way of creating ads.


Select your daily maximum, maximum CPC and total budget.

Measuring Campaigns

On the Twitter Advertising Campaign Dashboard you will easily find and be able to track progress for your campaigns. Frequently check this page in order to optimize your ads. For example, should you be switch up or adjust your targeting or re-evaluate your under-performing ads’ creative.

One downfall is that Twitter can very easily exhaust your campaigns before their due date of running. This means you might need to raise your overall budget or lower your daily budget.

Here are some great Website Clicks or Conversions Campaigns you should check out:

twitter card

Domino’s using Twitter Advertising for online ordering.


Buca di Beppos using Twitter Advertising for reservations.


Vevo using Twitter Advertising to promote video views.

tiwtter blog

Target using Twitter Advertising to entice audiences to shop.

With recent improvements to the campaign manager functionality, Twitter Ads are continuing to provide businesses with an effective online tool to reach their online marketing goals. Whether a brand’s goal is to grow its digital footprint, increase audience engagement or drive traffic and website conversions, running social media ad campaigns on Twitter should be part of any business’ digital marketing strategy.

Interested in seeing what Twitter Advertising can do for your business or product? Get in touch with one of StrataBlue’s digital-media marketing specialists today!

Twitter Advertising Guide: Follower & Tweet Engagement – Part 1

Social media advertising welcomes a new effective player to the game. With the recent roll out of optimized advertising, Twitter has proved it will be a front runner among options for paid digital ad campaigns. Just like Facebook advertising, Twitter offers a variety of choices for objective-based ad campaigns.

In Part 1 of this blog series, we’ll look at the Follower and Tweet Engagement Campaign Objectives within Twitter.

Follower Acquisition

A Follower Acquisition campaign is meant to increase your community on Twitter by asking people to follow your account. When setting up a Twitter Follower Campaign you have the option to select a tweet you have already tweeted to your followers. Alternatively, you can choose to create a “Promoted Only” tweet, which will not post to your timeline, but rather it will only appear on your targeted audiences’ Twitter feed.

I recommend keeping your Follower Campaign text to a minimum of 100 characters. Something short, sweet and to the point. Twitter also suggests that you don’t include a photo in your tweet, because that will distract potential followers from clicking the “Follow” button.

Here are a few examples of engaging tweets:

  • Follow us to get exclusive deals and coupon codes!
  • Follow us if you love fried chicken!
  • Love coffee? Follow us today for special offers near you!
  • Hate how expensive your phone bill is? Follow us to see how you could be saving up to 60%.
Jack Daniel's Fire Follower campaign.

Jack Daniel’s Fire Follower campaign.


IU Health Follower campaign.

Tip: Create at least 3-4 unique tweets to increase your chances at a successful performance.

The next step in the set-up process is to define your audience. Twitter allows you to choose from one of the following targets:

  • Interests: Choose from interest categories based on who you would be interested in following your account.
  • Followers: Choose specific accounts and target followers similar to their account.
  • Tailored Audience: Here you can upload your own lists and target those people. Note: Listing uploading can’t be done within Twitter advertising. Twitter asks users to us a third-party source for uploading lists.

Once you choose a target, you will then be able to narrow down by location, language, device and platform and gender. The final step is then to choose your budget for your Followers Campaign. Twitter makes advertising worth the buck, because no money will be spent unless your objective is achieved.

Tweet Engagements

Twitter is a place for people to connect and engage. To increase your chances of an engagement, try constructing a Tweet Engagement Campaign. I would compare this type of objective to that of Facebook’s “Post Engagement” objectives. The goal is to create the largest audience for impressions, retweets, favorites and clicks.

Examples of Tweet Engagements could include:

  • Special sales or promotions
  • Events
  • Visually appealing photo
  • Vine or YouTube videos
Amazon promotes their coupons with Tweet Engagement ads.

Amazon promotes their coupons with Tweet Engagement ads.

Ugg Australia promotes a video on Twitter for the holidays.

Ugg Australia promotes a video on Twitter for the holidays.

I would consider this objective the catch-all for tweets that you would like to promote to larger audiences. The key to creating a successful Tweet Engagement Campaign is to create content that is shareable, but also has a purpose to be shared. And just like a Follower Campaign, Twitter allows you to use a previously posted tweet, or to create your own Promoted-Only tweet.

With this objective, Twitter lets you choose from one of the following targets:

  • Interests: Choose from interest categories that are similar to your followers.
  • Keywords: Reach people that might be associated with similar keywords related to your promoted tweet.
  • Followers: Select specific Twitter accounts with followers that would have similar interests to your tweet.
  • Television (one of the coolest features!!): Target people who follow specific TV shows. Great for tweeting during TV show finales, premieres, award shows, sports games and more.

Just like a Follower Campaign, you will be able to tailor your audience by location, language, devices and gender. You can also upload lists, CRMs, and more to reach a specific audience.

Twitter Advertising is a great tool for increasing your brands reach along with increasing followers to your account. In Part 2 of this guide, we will explore the Website Clicks & Conversions, Leads and App Installs or Engagement objectives. Stay tuned…

Achieve Your Marketing Objectives With Twitter Ads

Recently, we gave you the run down on how to successfully take advantage of the new Twitter facelift. If you haven’t fixed the dimensions of your cover photo or pinned a tweet yet, you better get to it!) Amongst the changes like a new layout, Twitter offers advertising to amplify lead generation and reach target audiences with Twitter Ads. You may have even seen a few Twitter Ads features in your newsfeed, like the promoted tweet below.  

Promoted Tweet

After signing up for Twitter Ads, you have three options: Promote Accounts, Promote Tweets and Promote Trends. Depending on your objectives, each option may be great for your online marketing plan.

Promote Accounts: Catch the attention of brand advocates, users and other brands to increase your following and find out what your demographic needs or wants through online interaction.

Promote Tweets: Target your audience and provide special discounts, offers and more to the right person, in a specific area, during a designated time. Promoted tweets are easy to measure in terms of success because they can require immediate action like an e-mail sign up or purchase.

Promote Trends: Garner attention for a new product, campaign or conversation easily through Promoted Trends. This is a useful tool to search and manage your conversations online.

Promoting one of the options above is very similar to Facebook Ads or Facebook Unpublished Posts in that you create a campaign, time frame, targeting options and a budget.At StrataBlue, we understand the magic happens within the targeting option section. Because 37.8 million users a month user their phones to access Twitter, geo-targeting is also extremely important.

But wait, there’s more! Have you been looking for ways to better analyze how your audience interacts with your produced content? What about the issue of fitting everything, include a picture, within 140 characters or less? No problem. With Twitter Cards you can increase link clicks and traffic to your website, retweets to get your brand resonating in customers minds and more through “cards” with videos and images.

Twitter Cards is a great tool to use for URL analytics, but teamed up with Twitter Cards analytics you get to the core about how your customers are engaging with content you produce. Using these tools together helps to eliminate content “fluff” that your audience doesn’t necessarily care about.

Interested in learning more about targeting for Twitter Ads or marketing possibilities with Twitter Cards? Contact us!