What Does the Future Hold for Chatbots?


What does the future hold for Chatbots might be a question of yours. To be frank, there is no real answer. 2017 was honestly a flop for the chatbot. We have yet to see the functions that were predicted years ago. However, there is one thing I can say for certain and that is, chatbots are not going away. After reading 10 + articles on chatbots posted in the last month, I was able to determine some predictions for 2018 as the chatbot industry enters a more mature phase.

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Cryptocurrencies and Their Impact on Digital Marketing


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency whereby encryption techniques are employed to regulate the production of currency without being overlooked by a central authority. It is completely decentralized and makes it impossible to double spend.

Bitcoin, an innovative payment network and a new kind of money, is the worlds first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was created in 2009 and is a place where you can digitally transfer funds from peer-to-peer. Thanks to the decentralized encrypted platform, it is cost-effective and secure with low transfer fees, fast transaction processing, an easily-checked currency trail and protection against identity theft. It comes as no surprise that a digital currency could impact digital marketing. 

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Will 2018 be the Year of Amazon?


Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) launched over two years ago, yet still has some growing to do.  Amazon is expected to be the 3rd largest digital advertising player by 2019. However, ad buyers aren’t quite diving head first into Amazon.

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Click-Through Rates on Tablet Surpass Other Devices

click-through rates

It is amazing that we are exposed to so many different devices that do just about the same thing, yet we use each device differently. Therefore, each device drives different results from a marketing standpoint.

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Goodbye ‘Engagement Bait’, You Won’t be Missed

engagement bait

Facebook once again updates its algorithm. Now, it will give much less reach to posts that use “engagement bait” tactics. Engagement bait refers to any post that encourages users to vote, like or share a post. If you repeatedly share content like this, eventually all your posts will be “demoted”.

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Bing, Bing, Bing…We Have a Winner!


Nothing compares to Google’s search engine market share at 77.43% as of April 2017, but Bing still has a fairly large audience. Microsoft, owner of the search engine Bing, might be getting a leg up and intends to make Bing have the strongest Artificial Intelligence company offering.

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Facebook is Tapping into Pre-Roll Ads to Combat Their Challenges with Video

pre-roll ads

We’re all familiar with pre-roll ads (you know the ones that play before you can watch a video) and we all know we hate them. If given the option to skip, everyone does. Despite knowing how much users hate pre-roll ads, Facebook will begin testing this format next year.

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Without Net Neutrality, There Will be Less Awesome Art

net neutrality

T-Minus 6 days till take off!

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Brands are Putting More Eggs in the Digital Basket


At the end of each year, brands and agencies are working hard to prepare for Q1 of the next year. And, every year they are adjusting their marketing budgets based on trends in the industry. One major trend going into Q1 of 2018 is upping your digital spend and decreasing spend in traditional marketing areas. Brands are seeing that digital matters more than other efforts today. Let’s take a look at Evian and why they spent 80% of their marketing budget on digital in 2017. 

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What is Datally?


What is Datally you ask? Google’s newest app designed to help you manage and understand your data usage. It can be a struggle to stay within your data limits, especially when one “rogue” app has the capability to drain all your data.  With Datally, you can control your data usage in a way that hasn’t been there before.

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